Resolving the Mystery of Eye Twitching

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We live in a society where superstitions are as strong as religious beliefs. Generally, these are myths that turn into strong believes over time and are passed from one generation to the other with the same extent of affecting our daily lives. One of these myths or omens is the Eye Twitching, whether it is the right or the left one. Apparently, the eye twitches are associated with nature’s way of warning for something good or bad that is about to happen to a person. You can also book the appointment with the best eye specialist in Pakistan through

Eyes twitching
Eyes twitching

Normally the right eye twitch is associated with something good while left one is considered a bad omen meaning something bad is about to be encountered in one’s life.
In this age, we cannot afford to live uninformed, the way in which our previous generations used to live. We are a more curious generation than our predecessors and knowing the cause of everything is important for us. Eye twitching is basically an involuntary movement of eye engaging in repetitive spams. You can also book the appointment with the best eye specialist in Lahore through

In most cases this is harmless but yes it can be bothersome. The most common causes of eye twitches are stress and fatigue. It can very well be a cause of a medical condition Blepharospasm. If this condition persists, a doctor should be consulted without further delay. In this case, the aura surrounding the actual medical condition either delays or completely removes the option for seeking medical help in sorting this condition.
Medically twitches are referred to as myokymia and can be caused by a number of reasons like:

Alcohol use
Excessive caffeine intake
Eye Strain
Vitamin B 12 or D deficiency
Cornea Inflammation
Inadequate sleep

Now clearly these causes are no where linked with any luck related factors. Eye twitching can be treated and stopped using some very easy remedies.
Relax your eyes: When you find yourself in such situation, just close your eyes for about 10 minutes. If this happened while using a computer screen, then leave the screen for 15 minutes and wash your eyes before resuming work. Suing cucumber or potato slices can also relax your eyes.

Maintain a balanced diet:

Deficiency of certain nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B12 or vitamin D can cause your eye to twitch. Make sure to eat a variety of vegetables. Consumption of fish and dairy products also reduce chances of this condition to arise.

Get enough sleep:

Getting the right amount of sleep not only relaxes your eyes but also save you from a number of problems. Taking proper sleep strengthens the immune system and reduces the overall stress level in the body. You can book the appointment with the best eye specialist in Islamabad through

Eyes twitching
Eyes twitching

Sometimes we get too comfortable in accepting the old myths that we do not even bother to find the underlying reasons for it. Superstitions are often met with a great degree of skepticism but rational minds don’t tend to believe them without thoroughly investigating them.

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