Safety Tips For Strolling Your Little One

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If you are a new parent, we can understand your concern regarding the safety of your little one. Strolling your baby outside brings great benefit for your baby. He/she gets exposed to the outside world, gets vitamin D from the sun, brings improvement in your Little One mood and makes him sleep better at night.

Now the question arises how we can make strolling fun yet safe for babies. Marham is here to provide you with five useful tips for safe strolling.

Fasten the seat belt

Babies’ behavior is unpredictable, maybe they not lift their bodies yet but you never know one day while strolling he/she suddenly lifts up the body. So buckle up. For little grown-up babies, seat belt can help them stay in it instead of leaving the stroller. At times, if a baby doesn’t sit properly in a stroller it can fall too; hence fastening seat belt is of utmost importance.

Usage of Wheel brakes

While strolling on a hill station, usage of breaks is very important. Do use them while walking downhill. Despite of wheel brakes never leave the stroller unattended.

Read the Manual Carefully

Every stroller operates differently and gets fixed and locked in a different way. If strollers don’t get locked properly they can collapse resulting into severe injuries. In most strollers the click sound indicates it has been locked and is safe to use.

Don’t add weight to the handles

Mommies take note of it. Adding extra weight on the handles can make it imbalance and increase the chance of stroller to fall. Instead of that mommies make use of basket to put some extra stuff of your baby there but don’t increase the weight limit mention on a stroller.

Clean it

Like everything, stroller needs cleanliness too. Overstuffed stroller can suffocate a child. Unless it is too cold don’t put extra mattress or blankets in a stroller as it can decrease ventilation and irritates a child.

It is always better to follow the guidelines mentioned on a manual and in case your child falls from a stroller or gets injured rush to the Pediatrician or Physician without any delay.

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