Senna Makki — Is It Really A Cure For COVID19?

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The COVID19 outbreak not only affected our country but also jolted the whole world. However in Pakistan, as the lockdown has slowly eased up, people’s behaviors have been getting more irresponsible rather than being more careful. Many around us still do not believe that we’re in a pandemic that needs attention and seriousness. Instead, our people have decided to deal with this in their own ways, which are ‘Desi Totkay’. Senna Makki is the most famous amongst them all!

Is Sana Makki Really Curing COVID-19 Or Is It Just A Myth?

Senna Makki also known as Senna leaves, is an ingredient that is used in herbal medicines. This herb is usually prescribed to someone who’s been suffering from constipation. Senna Makki is a laxative. It is yet a mystery only who and when introduced it as a solution for COVID19. This trend sparked from social media and went viral. People now believe it is safe to introduce it to a patient who is already struggling with a disease.

Can Be Extremely Dangerous For People With Underlying Health Issues.

Senna Makki, rather than being useful and cure for COVID19, can prove as a life-threatening experience for them. The electrolyte levels of COVID19 patients will be negatively affected because of the diarrhoea that follows after having Senna leaves. Diarrhoea itself is a condition that can consume all your energy and can cause really bad dehydration. Consequently, it will end up exhausting the patient and potentially send them to hypertensive shock if they already have underlying heart conditions.
According to doctors, people are confusing the effects of other remedies and medications with senna Makki. As they’ve been on medications as well as other remedies, when the symptoms start to alleviate, they think it is senna Makki.

Here’s What You Should Drink Instead

People who’re already using remedies to combat COVID19, you should try the actual useful remedies. Doctors suggest drinking ginger tea instead of Sanna Makki because it boosts immunity and helps soothe a sore throat. Furthermore, it is suggested yakhni or bone broth as it’s a nutritious healthy drink that helps boost immunity, as well without the chances of diarrhoea.

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