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Shifa International hospital started its journey in 1989 and since then it has been raising the bar when it comes to high-quality health care services. Since its conception, the only motto of this organization has been to bring all the novel medical technologies and treatment options to Pakistan. With their dedication they have been succeeding, adding diverse options for treatment and management of dangerous diseases. Especially the neurosurgery department at Shifa is a story of sheer commitment.

Let us take a look at the excellence of this department and the savvy veterans behind it.

Neurosurgery Department of Shifa International

Surgeries are delicate procedures but surgeries of the brain are even more intricate. Neurosurgery department headed by Dr. Inayat Ullah Khan insists on perfection in diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the brain and spinal cord.

Shifa international has installed latest neuronavigation system for these surgeries. With the assistance of top of the range microscope and sophisticated machines, tumors can be precisely located and removed. This ensures minimal effect to neighboring brain cells and hence a fast recovery. Previously some of the surgeries like those for pituitary tumor removal were carried out with the help of microscope which now has been replaced by endoscope adding to precision and quality of surgery results. Attention on details, embracing new methodologies, and constant desire to improve is the reason behind their excellence.

The benefits of using these technologies are

  • Reduced duration of operation
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Low chances of infection after surgery
  • Fast recovery

Chief of Neuro Department- Dr. Inayat Ullah Khan:

Shifa Internationals’ biggest strength is its devoted professionals who work day in and day out to ensure the best possible healthcare standards for patients at Shifa. Neurosurgery department at Shifa is headed by Dr. Inayat Ullah Khan who has decades-long experience in this field. He is well known for his meticulous surgical techniques.

Famed for his work on aneurysm clipping, he is one of the few surgeons who have successfully performed awake neurosurgeries in Pakistan. During these surgeries of the brain, the patient is not anesthetized and is fully conscious. Procedures like these not only need professionally trained hands but modern technological aid, expertise, and machines as well.

Besides this, he also has hands-on experience in surgical procedures such as:

  • AVM Surgery, Aneurysm Clipping
  • Endoscopic pituitary brain tumor surgery
  • Complex spinal surgeries
  • Endoscopic lumbar disc surgeries
  • Microscopic Brain and spinal tumor surgery
  • Minimally invasive brain and spinal tumor surgeries
  • Minimally invasive spinal fixation
  • Endoscopic 3rd ventriculotomy for hydrocephalus.
  • Microscopic Cervical disc surgery
  • Endoscopic CSD leak repair
  • All Pediatric brain & Spine procedures

Life stories of patients treated by him are numerous and the reviews of these satisfied patients are worth a million words. Dr. Inayat Ullah continues his career as chief of neurosurgery at Shifa International hospital and is committed to the growth of his department, building its reputation as a leader in neurosurgery.

Most Popular Neuro Surgeon:

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