Should I Get Rid Of That Troublemaker Wisdom Tooth?

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Just as we think we are settling down in life, another problem shows up. Sometimes, the appendix starts acting up, sometimes it is our stomach and sometimes our teeth. The major troublemaker is always the wisdom tooth which always ends up in getting it removed.
Get the wisdom tooth extracted should not be on our to-do list if they’re not bothering you. After all, the wisdom teeth are just like the appendix of our mouth. We can live without a wisdom tooth exactly like we function totally normal without our appendix too. We can live a healthy life without them both. Sometimes it feels like they don’t even exist and then comes the time when they can unleash immense chaos in our body. Exactly because of that, so many dentists recommend people to get rid of their wisdom teeth as soon as they can.

Some points to ponder upon, if you are deciding to go for it!

Why It Should Be Done?

Sometimes, the wisdom teeth, after growing can squeeze other teeth to a very small place which ends up hurting us quite strongly. This happens when the wisdom tooth grows in a specific angle or flat on their sides and sometimes it gets trapped in our jawbone instead of fully growing. These situations lead to excessive pain, puss-filled cysts and also, damaged bones. The wisdom tooth trouble can make it harder for us to brush our teeth properly because brushing hurts our swollen gums and teeth.
This issue can lead to serious complications, sometimes it makes it impossible to even open up our mouth. Moreover, as soon as the wisdom tooth starts coming in, it brings a lot of troubles from the very beginning. These are the reasons why dentists want us to get our wisdom tooth extracted as soon as we start experiencing the first symptoms.

How Should I Prepare Myself?

The extraction procedure of wisdom tooth is not a big deal as we are allowed to go home the same day. It is always done as an outpatient procedure but it technically is still a surgical procedure and required you to follow the protocols.

What you should be doing is:

  • Take a day off from your work beforehand.
  • You’ll need to avoid eating and drinking before the procedure
  • Know your prescription beforehand.
  • Ask someone to be there to drive you home

What Will Be The Recovery Process?

After undergoing the wisdom teeth removal. The best possible thing is to give yourself rest for a day or two.

The few things which will help you in recovery are these:

  • You will be feeling dizzy and groggy afterward because of the sedation so ask a family member or a friend to stay with you and get you home afterward.
  • The incision will bleed which is totally normal. Do not spit a lot as it will dislodge the blood clot from the socket
  • Don’t be surprised if your face looks like an inflated balloon, your face will swell up and will go away on its own without any extra medication.
  • Avoid brushing your teeth for 24 hours.
  • Use salt water to rinse your mouth. After the initial 24 hours have passed, start rinsing your mouth every two hours to keep the incision from infecting.
  • Your stitches will be dissolved or removed after a few weeks, try not to experiment on that.

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