Should You Dye Your Hair?

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Changing the hair color is a big decision because it takes a lot of thinking and courage to go through the process. A person should have all the information about the positive and negative impact of dyeing the hair. Hair is sensitive to different products, so the knowledge about personal health is critical in this process. We have discussed some important points that everyone needs to know about dyeing their hair. Then, it will be easy to decide, whether to do it or not.

Following are the points that need to be known before jumping to any conclusion. However, consult with the dermatologist before applying any chemical on one’s hair;

1. Be practical

Dyeing the hair needs patience and experimentation, which means that a person should not decide deliberately to dye their hair. Dyeing hair is not a gamble; a drastic change can be a disaster. Spontaneous decisions can turn into disasters, hence coloring the hair is not a one-night decision. An individual should take their time and start off with something small and doable.

2. Wig

Try on a wig, get the feel of real hair with the color of one’s choice. Trying different applications to see the color of the hair does not feel real. Wigs work best if a person is going for a lot of different hair color than the natural hair color. Putting on the wig is harmless and gives you a better idea of the preferred hair color.

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3. No bathing

James Corbett from James Corbett Studios said that hair that is not showered is best to dye the hair. They are best because the natural oils secreted from the scalp are excellent for dyeing the hair. The color is better and shiny after dyeing the dirty hair. The theory is new but effective.

4. Yes, There Will be Damage

These dyes contain hydrogen peroxide which is not good for the hair. Hence one should be ready for the loss. For damage control use a suitable moisturizer, to moisturize the hair every week. By moisturizing the hair every week, the person can avoid the injury setting a protective layer on the hair from the harmful ingredients of the hair products.

5. Consultation

It is important to have a discussion session with the colorist because the objective should be defined beforehand. The meeting between the person and the hair colorist is important because it has psychological importance. The colorist and the person will share the opinion and will come to a suitable conclusion.

6. Research

Research is a critical part of the whole process. It is important to research on social media mediums for excellent photos regarding the dye color the person want to choose. There are thousands of examples present on the internet that can help a person to set in the right direction.

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7. On The Weekend

Prefer to dye the hair on the weekend, because it gives a person two days margin to redeem the initial state. Dying the hair on a weekday is hazardous because people might demoralize the individual. It takes the time to gain confidence in one’s new hair color, and it is better to spend a couple of days with the dyed hair before going in public.

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