Why You Shouldn’t be Touching these 5 Body Parts?

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Your body is your own no doubt, but touching some of its parts can be dangerous for your health. Yes, it can happen. How? Just read these words to get the answer.


The first introduction of your personality is this part of your body. It can be harmed by your unnecessary or harsh touching. The face has delicate skin which damaged easily. One other harm is associated with face touching, your hands may carry many of germs which you transfer to the face by touching it. In result acne, rashes or any other skin infection may snatch your beauty.

Inner Ear:

Clearing of this sensitive part is vital as ear wax may pile up in it. But unprotected touch or little carelessness in this action may severely damage the sensitive organs inside. Your eardrum or ear canals may get harm and you may experience severe infections or hearing loss. If you come across with any such condition and perplexed who can help you then log on to Marham to consult ENT specialist in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, as these are the cities of ear problems due to its high altitude.

Shouldn't be Touching these 5 Body Parts?


It is really more than simply annoying. Researchers say, people with this bad habit more often get respiratory problems. This happens by touching internal nostrils you may provide entry of many germs in ear passage which your hands carry. Delicate nostrils skin may also get damaged and become prone to skin infections too.


Incautious touching to the eye may sometimes harsh enough to damage the eye. And you know, this touch will not only end up with redness or infection this may lead to severe conditions. A little mistake of your own hand or your buddies may deprive you of the natural ability to see the things for the whole lifespan.

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Mouth Opening:

Many people keep their hand on lips while talking or thinking. This can be unintentional but it is really dangerous. Your hands are not all time clean as you touch many things during the day. By contacting your mouth opening, these germs immediately can enter in your body to make you ill.

  • Surely control your hands or keep them busy often to avoid touching these sensitive parts to stay healthy.


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