Simple Ways To Tell Your Kids About COVID19 Pandemic

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As we all are very stressed and anxious about this COVID19 pandemic, children can be even more stressed and unable to explain what exactly is bothering them. The rapid change in this situation, loss of daily activities and isolation had caused anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness in adults, as well as children. The overload of information, rumours and also misinformation can get your mental health out of control. Eventually, your mental health will start affecting your children’s mental health. Consequently, it can be very challenging to explain to the children what actually is happening in the world.

Try using these strategies to explain to your children about the current situation.

How To Explain COVID19 To Them

  • What COVID19 Is Actually:
    Start explaining to them that COVID19 virus that can make the body sick exactly like fever and flu.People suffering from COVID19 may have:
    – Cough
    – Fever
    – Trouble breathingBut in some people, especially kids there are no symptoms at all.
  • Define How It Spreads:
    Explaining to them the way it spreads if most important of all. The best way is to tell them that the virus enters the body if their hands touch their mouth, nose or eyes and it is so tiny that we can’t even see it. It is very important to wash your hands often and try not to touch your mouth, nose or eyes
  • Why Are We Hearing A Lot About It:
    You’re hearing so much about COVID-19 because it is a very new illness that even the grown-ups do not know about it. This illness is not seen before.

What Should We Do To Keep Them Away

  • Stay Calm And Composed:
    Kids look up to the adults and if the adults are panicking, kids will not understand how to react. You have to assure them that their feelings are right and it is okay to be upset but keep them hopeful and encouraged.
  • Keep A Healthy Routine:
    Try creating new family routines, keep your kids busy in the learning activities, house chores and relaxing activities. This will keep a child’s mind away from the current chaos and will keep the situation under control. Encourage them to maintain a checklist.
  • Do Not Let Them watch News:
    Having a news channel tuned on your tv all the time can tighten the fear in your children. They do not understand what is happening but watching news all the time will create a fear in their subconscious.
  • Enjoy Virtual Socializing:
    Encourage your child to connect to their closed ones and friends using phone calls and FaceTime. This can help to avoid feeling isolated and can build and maintain relationships.
  • Seek advice if necessary
    If you notice your child having problems with sleep, eating habits or difficulty in concentrating, if they feel sad or irritated all the time, you should contact a psychologist as soon as you can.

How Marham Can Help

If you and your children are having issues to cope with the current situation and are not getting along well, try seeking help from a professional. Talking to a psychologist or psychiatrist can help you understand your child, better.

To talk to a professional through video consultation, install Marham’s app using the following links:

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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