How Skinny People Can Gain Weight!

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For some people, it is very hard to gain weight, and they do everything in their power to increase it. But, when there are no positive results they just lose hope, and they stop working towards the goal. Gaining weight is considered to be harder than reducing it. It might be true, but it depends on the person. Persistence is the key to success, so the individual needs to stick to the process.

Below we have discussed a few simple ways to gain weight, but if someone has a serious condition, they should consult a dietitian in your are. Moreover, excess of anything is bad for health, so whatever a person does should be in a normal and controllable capacity;

1. Food Intake

It is a clear solution that one should increase the intake of food. It is better to consider it as a process, by starting to eat extra calories in small quantities. Step by step, increase the intake of food and gradually the quantity that a person used to eat. If the individual tries to increase the food intake as quickly as possible, then he/she will not be able to continue it in the future. It is important to eat healthily, the person should try not to eat junk food.

2. Carbs and Proteins

Protein and carbohydrates are critical for the human body. Protein helps to increase muscle strength and size. It is important to increase muscle when a person is gaining weight. Add carbohydrates to the diet to increase the fats in the body. The combination of fat and muscles will help in increasing weight. In proteins, take fish, mutton, beef, and chicken. In carbohydrates, eat potato, vegetables, beans and bread. But, there should be a proper check and balance on what the person is eating. It is better to consult the nutritionist, before taking carbohydrates and fats.

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3. More Weight

Working out is very important for people who want to gain weight. The person should increase the weight lifting ability, to increase the muscle size. Putting effort at the gym is important and worthwhile. The muscles need to be trained; the body can expand and increase the capacity in correlation to the weight the person lifts. It is favorable to do compound muscle exercises, which focus on a group of muscles. Hence, according to this more muscles are concentrated in this manner.

4. Rest

The body needs rest because it takes time for the muscles to reshape and grow. Resting is part of the workout process, so sleep for the optimum time, it can be helpful to gain weight. If a person continues to use the muscle, it causes muscle fatigue, and the muscle size starts to decrease. When a person is trying to increase their weight, they do not want to risk their muscle size. Hence, rest whenever there is time, and it will help in increasing the body weight.

5. Enjoy The Process

It is imperative to enjoy the whole process because the individual does not have to compromise their diet by restricting themselves from eating delicious and tempting food. Eating can be fun if a person tries to make the best out of it. Skinny people can have the best body shape if they work towards it. It is better to increase the muscle size and achieve the required weight, than increase weight with fats. Also, make the whole process a lifestyle than making it a one-time thing, workout for psychological satisfaction, not to force oneself. For proper guidance, you can book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via

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