Sneaky Health Hazards In Your Medicine Cabinet

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That little stockpiling unit over the bathroom sink is home to a large number of our ordinary fundamentals, from tweezers to cotton swab. Turns out, however, that a lot of what we keep behind those closed doors may be harmful to our well being. Especially the medicines and common prescriptions can have possible side effects on your health. We see that medicine cabinet as a ready-to-help corner but here’s the scoop on what may represent a hazard that is overlooked in your medicine cabinet.


Aspirin can be very helpful in treating many health conditions and it works really well even for a headache to heart disease. But if your family members share one medicine cabinet then you should be very careful about it. Although it’s safe for adults and they can take it when needed. But older people who take blood thinners for a heart condition should be careful with aspirin because taking both at the same time could lead to bleeding in the stomach and intestine. Also, never give it to kids under 2 or older children or teens who are suffering from illness with flu-like symptoms.

2.Cotton Swabs:

Cotton swabs can be good for makeup hacks, doing your nails, and any other odd things doing around the house. But never place it into your ear canal. Earwax is one of the healthy parts of your body’s natural defenses and it’s definitely not a sign of illness. If your ear hurts and you feel like there’s something unusual in your ear, talk to the ENT specialist.

3.Leftover Prescription Medicines:

If you have any health condition and your doctor gives you a prescription medicine for this specific condition, use it as directed and then get rid of it. Especially when it comes to antibiotics and pain medication, storing these pills is a bad idea.


You think mouthwash in your medicine cabinet is harmless? Well! It is unless you swallow it. Swallowing a mouthwash can hurt your stomach and can make you nauseous. That’s why kids under 6 years shouldn’t use it because they’re more likely to swallow some by mistake. At first, try not swallowing it otherwise you can vomit if you swallow too much.

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