7 Helpful Solutions To Back Pain Problem

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Back pain is a common problem that is prevailing in every age group at a frightening rate. It can be caused by various reasons such as injury, strain, muscle spasm and ruptured disk. The spinal cord very delicately connects the whole body with the brain. The spinal cord also controls all the motor movement of the body, which makes it a very delicate part of the human body.

Note: Before you move forward with any of the procedure, you are strongly advised to consult a doctor and get an opinion around it.

We have discussed some solutions to back pain below, which will give the patient an overview of his/her choices.

Solutions are discussed as follows;

1. Japanese Massage

A very famous and useful way to release pain is Shiatsu, a Japanese therapy. The fingers are used to massage the person and press the pressure points on the back. Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” and it is practiced in a lot of communities. Massage therapy gives immediate relief, which is a favorable factor for the people. Mostly, people have the problem of sitting in offices for long hours on uncomfortable chairs. Due to which they experience tension in their back. So, they prefer immediate stress relieving measures to feel good.

2. Skeleton and Muscle Strengthening

Osteopathy is a technique used to strengthen the muscle and skeleton of a person. It does not require any medication, so it is risk-free. The therapy stimulates the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic system of the body. The treatment is similar to Shiatsu, but it is more elaborate and in depth. The main idea is to strengthen the bones and muscles to increase their ability to manage stress and burden.

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3. Nerve Stimulation

Another advanced way to manage pain is called TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). In this method, a person is given a small electric current in the body with the help of electrodes, by touching it with the skin. The electrical pulse stimulates the body and forces it to produce endorphins, and also prevent the pain to travel to the brain. It is a relatively new technique, so the results variate, some have no effect, and for some, it works wonders.
Pregnant women, people with epilepsy, and pacemakers should NOT go through the procedure of nerve stimulation.

4. Therapy

For some people, it is very hard to manage pain. Pain affects their personality and mood, so cognitive behavioral therapy is very helpful in that case. The therapy helps a person to rationalize one’s thoughts in a very desperate situation. The therapist gives the patient the ability to take control of his pain and react the way he/she intends in a reasonable manner. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps a person to opt for physical activity and maintain their emotional status.

5. Ice Packs

It is the most common technique to prevent pain after a back injury. In this, one should apply ice packs on the back to prevent swelling and suffering. The individual should use ice for around 20 minutes after every 3 hours for 3 days. It will decrease the pain and numb the tender muscle, which will help in controlling the intensity of the pain.

6. Heating the Back

Heating should be done after the 3 days of the cooling process, but after the swelling is gone. Apply heat to the concerned area through hot water packs, hot kettle or a piece of cloth soaked in hot water. It will help in decreasing the pain and recovering the back issue. It is a complete process after the injury to cure the back problem in a week before it expands.

7. Drugs for Back Pain

Use prescribed medication from the doctor for the back pain. Sometimes the pain is very severe, and it is hard to control it, so medication becomes important in that matter. There are many pain relieving drugs which the doctor can suggest. But, it is not a permanent cure for the problem. The individual has to go through different tests allotted by the physician, which will help in finding the problem. Do not use painkillers without any prescription, because it can be very dangerous for a person to use before knowing the complete medical history.

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