Something Is Making Me Tired All The Time, Don’t Know What To Do!

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Sleeping until the last possible second before dragging yourself out of bed and can’t get up no matter how much you try? you may be wondering, Why am I always tired? What is upsetting me even if I have slept a lot? What should I do to get my energy back?. Sometimes, the days pass and we’re on our feet working every hour but then one day all the energy is gone. Getting up, preparing yourself for the day is difficult than it can ever be. All the motivation just disappeared and we can never know why. The energy to get things done the way you once did is no more there.

It isn’t only you, most of the people I see around me feel tired majority of the time and that too, without any identifiable reason. Even I do too. But the question is how can we overcome it and what can be the possible reasons? Let’s get a little insight into it

6 Possible Reasons That Can Make You Feel Tired All The Time

Being tired depends on us most of the time. It is dependant on how we manage our routine, how will we eat or how we manage our rest but sometimes, it is more than just managing our diet and routine. Being tired, lethargy and lazy can have more meanings than just one.

1.Recovered From A Serious Disease

Recovering from serious or fatal diseases is more than we can imagine. Sometimes, it is more difficult than the actual disease. Diseases like typhoid, malaria, and jaundice can leave you with a lot of exhaustion and distress. Don’t expect the after-effects to leave you in weeks, it might take months to recover and gain your proper energy back.

2. Fatigue

There is something known as chronic fatigue syndrome and your tiredness might indicate that. Chronic fatigue syndrome causes extreme fatigue and there is no chance that it can improve with sleep. The cause of this is unknown. Moreover, there is no test to confirm whether a person is suffering from chronic fatigue or not. Your doctor must rule out other health problems before making a diagnosis. Treatment involves learning how to live within your physical limitations or pacing yourself. Moderate exercise may also help you feel better and increase your energy.

3. Anxiety

Feeling anxious or having anxiety at times is perfectly normal unless it starts upsetting our routine and our sleep. Anxiety sometimes is more than just a feeling. Some people have a constant uncontrollable fear of anxiety that it tends to drain all of their energy and rest. Generalized anxiety disorder is a common condition that is diagnosed more in women as compared to men. People with generalized anxiety disorder tend to feel tired often.

4. Improper Diet

People who carry a tendency to skip meals and not consuming enough calories that are required to keep the energy up, feel tired most of the times. Furthermore, long gaps between meals can cause blood sugar to drop, and consequently, your energy decreases. If a person is skipping meals or is planning to consume a little fewer calories, it is important for them to eat healthy energy-boosting snacks especially when feeling sluggish.

5. Loss Of Loved Ones

Grieving for a lost loved one is hard work. It can take a toll on our bodies, our mind, and has numerous other reasons that it brings along. A habit of having someone around all the time and the other day, they are just gone is not easy on our mind and our body. The feeling of being left behind drains all the motivation and energy that we once had.
Tiredness can be a sign of grief that directly connects us to poor eating habits, disrupted sleep patterns, low energy levels, fatigue, and weakness in muscles.

6. Adjustment Issues

Issues like work problems, going to a new school, illness or any of the life changes can cause stress, laziness, and a constant feeling of being tired. For some people, it is just a matter of a few days to changes like these but if someone suffers from adjustment disorders, they continue to have emotional or behavioral reactions for a very long time.

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