Spot The COVID19 HotSpots By The Help Of Google Maps

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LAHORE October 8, 2020: As we are learning to live with COVID19 and the super-techy world, it is becoming easier to manage this COVID19 pandemic.

According to Search Giant, Google is now updating its mapping service this week with color-coding. This color-coding will highlight all the areas that are infected with COVID19 cases. The google COVID19 mapping service is free of cost.

Tapping on the new “COVID19” option which is located on the top corner of your screen will enable an enhanced feature on maps using the latest, average cases per 100,000 people in areas. Moreover, it’ll tell you whether the number of COVID19 cases in that area is decreasing or increasing.

This new feature introduced in Google maps is meant to provide critical information about COVID19 cases so we can make more accurate decisions about what to do and where to go.

Data that will be used in this feature comes from Johns Hopkins hospital, the New York Times, and Wikipedia. These platforms are considered as the best information platforms for public health.

It is expected that the second layer of COVID19 is rolling out and this is a beforehand preparation by Google. This version will be available to use worldwide this week. New versions of the map app are powered by Apple or Google-backed Android software. Google Maps has already featured various COVID19 pandemic-related which includes the indication for the public to know when public transit was likely to be crowded.

It has become really difficult to decide which place is suitable to visit these days, we are hoping that these Google Maps features will help us get where we need to be as safely and efficiently as possible.

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