How To Stay Safe From The Covid-19 Delta Variant This Eid?

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The festivities of Eid-ul-Azha are in full swing. People are hustling to get the biggest cow and the healthiest goat. Families are planning on destinations to visit. Mothers are busy planning on menus for the ceremonial dinners. In all this hustle and bustle, do not forget our most recent enemy – The Covid-19 delta variant.

The Covid-19 delta variant wave appears to be taking hold. It is still prevailing at a fast pace. Rewinding to 2019, when the first case of Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, the world came into a state of panic. WHO called on all the worldwide health authorities. The world came together on this issue and made unanimous Standard Operating Procedures.

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As the wave came to a decline, people became careless. They started going to crowded areas, and thus, the virus spread. Ease in lockdowns and increased social gathering are the main reasons for the spread.

The delta variant is the variant of interest at present. It is found to be resistant to vaccines and has lethal effects. People do not understand the severity of this variant. Even though vaccinations are being done effectively, we still need to follow the SOPs. The question is how to stay safe from Delta Variant this Eid?

Covid-19 Delta Variant This Eid

The first strain of the Covid-19 delta variant was found in India. According to experts, the delta variant spreads more easily due to mutations that improve its ability to latch onto cells in our bodies. The mutations in each variant have made it easier to jump from one person to another.

Ease in lockdowns and increased social gathering are the main reason for the spread. The Covid-19 delta variant is the variant of interest at present. It is found to be resistant to vaccines and has lethal effects. People are taking this variant lightly. Even though vaccination is being done effectively, SOPs still need to be followed.

Eid is a sacred event for Muslims around the world. But, this year, Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated in closed and limited spaces. The Eid-ul-Azha rituals include:

  • buying the animal,
  • morning prayers on Eid day,
  • slaughtering the animal
  • meeting up with relatives

If proper care is not taken while fulfilling these rituals, the virus may spread. To keep yourself and your family safe, follow these guidelines.

Guidelines To Avoid Delta Variant This Eid

To avoid the Covid-19 delta variant this Eid, you can take small measures to avoid its spread and exposure. No one should be left behind in these efforts. It is our responsibility to act wisely. Following are some guidelines that you can follow.

Don’t Forget Your Mask.

Your mask is your new superhero cape. Do not forget it at any cost. Wear it and encourage others as well. The water droplets from cough and sneeze spread the virus. To avoid catching this new strain, ensure wearing either the surgical or KN95 mask. A study reveals that fabric masks are not as effective as medical ones.

Covid-19 Delta variant

Avoid Hugs

As much as we like hugs and kisses on Eid, keep away from these acts of embracing. Avoid shaking hands as well. Convey your greetings from a distance. Many people may find it offensive, but you have to play your part responsibly. To keep the spirit alive, exchange gifts.

Keep Sanitizer In Hand

Sanitisers are your new best friends. Always keep a pocket-sized one with you. Clean your soiled hands with water and soap. If not available, use sanitiser or rubbing alcohol.

Don’t Stay In The Mosque For Long

The congregational prayer is the most important part of Eid. But this does not mean that you stay there chit-chatting with your neighbours for too long. Offer your prayers, say hello to others, and leave. Keep a spray sanitiser to spray on your prayer mat, or better take yours with you.

Take Precautions In The Cattle Market

Don’t lose your guard stressing over buying your animal. Go to the cattle market but wear your mask at all times. If you feel symptoms of cough, flu, or fever, do not go to the market to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 delta variant this Eid.

Make In-gatherings Safe

Instead of inviting all your relatives over for lunch or dinners, call only selected ones. Or rather, invite relatives in small groups on separate days. Keep sanitisers around. Also, keep a box of masks. Ensure a safe distance between the guests.

Get Vaccinated

Don’t keep waiting if you haven’t been vaccinated yet. Get it done right now! Be a responsible citizen and get your shot. Don’t believe all the negative assumptions about the Covid vaccine. It is effective and will help reduce the spread. Although it does have minor temporary side effects, it does not cause adverse health problems.

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Covid-19 Delta variant

Keep Your Distance

Get smart, not strict, and maintain a distance of 6 feet. When the butcher comes to slaughter your animal, do not come in close contact with him. Give him gloves and a mask as well.

Plan Virtual Get-togethers

If you cannot host safe gatherings, plan virtual get-togethers to avoid the delta variant this Eid. Usually, children get bored and agitated, so plan activities for them at home. Steer clear of crowded areas.

These are the helpful ways you can adopt to play your role to stay safe from the Covid-19 delta variant this Eid. Now you are all set to fight the virus this Eid-ul-Azha.


1. What are the symptoms of the Covid-19 delta variant?

The symptoms include runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, and lethargy.

2. Is the Covid-19 vaccine effective?

Yes, the vaccine is effective. It will help to lower the severity of viral infection should you catch it.

3. Is the Covid-19 delta variant fatal?

According to health experts, the delta variant is a threat to health and can be deadly in severe cases.

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