Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Is Preventable

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Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is more common than you think. It is life threatening as it can lead to a death of a baby while he is asleep with no warning or any clue. It is more common in infants and babies (0-12 months) but if you are a new parent and don’t know much about it, don’t feel worried it is preventable.

Babies are gentle, so don’t be hard on them. If you feel any unusual activity that seems out of your hand to control visit a Pediatrician without any delay. In this article we will disclose simple ways that can highly decrease the chances of (SIDS) in your babies:

Sleeping Posture

Position of your baby while he sleeps matters a lot. Always make him sleep on his back rather than his side or on a tummy. Don’t put him in a stroller, car seat, cradle, and swing for long durations, once he sleeps lay him down on a flat surface preferably bed.

Say no to toys

Yes! Toys in a crib may look attractive and nice to the baby but they are actually harmful if baby is surrounded with them during his sleeping hours. Toys increase his chances of suffering from smothering and choking. All he needs to sleep calmly is a stiff mattress, nothing more or less. Don’t ever stuff his crib with blankets and pillows even. If you feel your baby has trouble in breathing rush to the nearest Pediatrician.

Comfortable clothes

Make sure your baby wears soft, comfortable clothes during sleep time, preferably an “onesie” that cover arms, legs, feet and his hands. Wearable blankets are better than the normal ones as babies can get stuck in them and they often cover their face with them.


Overheating increases the chance of SIDS in babies. Make sure the room temperature is at the level that doesn’t bother an adult.

Introduce Pacifiers

Pacifiers are known to decrease the chances of SIDS in infants. Pacifiers possibly prevent babies from falling into extremely deep sleep; hence consider giving a pacifier to them during night and for the naps in the first year of their lives.

Initial first year of your baby is vital for his growth and it is very sensitive too as your baby is really fragile at that time. Just be there for him, so that you both get to know each other. To prevent your baby from SIDS, try opting for above mentioned tips. In case of any emergency always run to a pediatrician.

Few Most Popular Pediatrician:

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