Sudden Rise Of Respiratory Diseases In Karachi

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Karachi is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan. Industrialization and an ever-growing population there is contributing to the acute Pollution problems. Toxic chemicals released by burning of garbage, toxic chemicals that cars emit and chemicals coming from industries are greatly affecting air.

Air pollution is a common concern there because of heavy traffic and lack of check and balance of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because of all this people are suffering from Chronic Respiratory issues.

If you feel congestion, suffocation or difficulty in breathing in any way doesn’t hesitate to get into contact with one of the best Pulmonologists. Some of the respiratory diseases that are common among people of Karachi are mentioned below:

Lung Damage

Prolonged exposure to the polluted air can greatly damage the lining of our lungs making us vulnerable to chronic lung diseases. Toxic pollutants greatly damage our respiratory system which makes a person suffer from acute breathing problems. Consult Pulmonologist if you feel burden on your chest or feel hard to breathe.


Air pollution can make the symptom of Asthma which is one of the severe respiratory diseases, even worse. Due to air pollution in Karachi, asthma patient can feel chest congestion, unstoppable coughing, and breathing problem. So make sure you take preventive measures while visiting Karachi.


When a person is exposed to polluted air that has high content of smoke, dust, fumes, or vapors she/he can suffer from chronic bronchitis. It can cause coughing, throat irritation and in Chronic bronchitis airway tissue along with lung gets greatly damaged.

Lung Cancer

Due to the toxins that industries are emitting out in the air fills the air with various carcinogens elements that infects lungs causing pulmonary cancer in some cases. Due to this the growth of the cells starts in one or both lungs that decline oxygen carrying capacity of our respiratory system.


Continued breathing in polluted air can increase our chances to inhale bacteria that air contains and it can become a cause of Pneumonia. In Karachi usage of air filters might be a probable prevention. However immediate doctor assistance is advised in all cases.

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