Here Are The 7 Symptoms of Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C virus causes infection in the liver. Exposure to blood causes hepatitis C through used syringes, transfusion, and any other blood-related scenarios. According to a report by the WHO (World Health Organization) 71 million people are affected by chronic hepatitis C. This illness is one of the top reasons for liver transplant in the world.

Below, we have discussed the symptoms of Hepatitis C, because people lack awareness about this illness, which is the main reason for the exploitation of health. If the condition of an individual is severed, then consult a doctor immediately.

1. Yellowing

Yellowing eyes

Hepatitis C affects the liver, due to which the liver stops working in the usual manner. The bile pigments then infiltrate in the blood. This inclusion of bile in the blood causes yellowing of the body tissues, which are skin and white area of the eyes.

2. Fatigue


Fatigue is mainly the reason for the side effects of the medication the person is taking for the hepatitis C. Fatigue can also be caused by the liver damage called cirrhosis. The body gets tired because of the destroyed liver. The collaboration of medication and liver damage are the reason for fatigue in hepatitis C.

3. The Dark Shade of Urine

Dark shade of urine

The damaged liver causes dark shade of urine; the liver is unable to process the bile properly. Hence, the pigments of bile are mix with the urine to give it the dark color. The dark color of urine occurs in the chronic stages of hepatitis C.

4. Weight Loss

Weight loss

In hepatitis C, the individual starts to lose weight. The weight loss is due to nausea caused by the virus, which hinders the person’s will to eat. At that point, the body is working hard to fight against the virus, and it requires energy to do so. But, the lack of food intake forces the person to lose weight.

5. Stool Problem

Stool problem

If the person’s stool is gray or pale, it means that it is because of the issue in liver, bile, gallbladder, and pancreas. These organs are affected due to hepatitis C. The liver does not process the bile correctly which leads to this issue. If the individual experiences any change in the stool color, he/she should not take it quickly. Every change is to account for something; it is better to consult a doctor.

6. Pain


Sometimes the person feels abdominal pain when affected by hepatitis C. It is not common for everyone to experience it, but most people do. The pain is due to liver damage and the severity of the disease. In this matter, the person should consult the doctor immediately.

7. Spider Veins

Spider veins

The veins under the skin with the blood vessels become visible and web-like. The reason for the appearing of spider veins in because of the damaged liver. It is important that an individual should visit the doctors immediately when they come across this issue.

Few Most Popular Doctors For Hepatitis In Pakistan:

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