Symptoms of Prostate Cancer and 8 Treatment Options

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Nowadays cancer is affecting a considerable portion of our society. Both genders are vulnerable to this disorder equally but there are some cancers which are found in only in specific gender either male or female. Prostate cancer is only limited to the male population.

It is described as the development of cancer in a gland in the male reproductive system which is called prostate.
After skin cancer, prostate cancer has been reported as the most common cancer among men. If you are a target of this disorder or someone important to you is suffering from this disease, you need to know a lot of things about it. So you can handle this situation successfully. Setups like Hameedah Memorial Hospital, Lahore have acquired some latest technologies and treatment options for the cure of this disease.

What Is The Cause of Prostate Cancer?

The main underlying cause of this disorder is not known yet. But according to sources, there are many risk factors that have been described which are thought to be responsible for the disorder but scientists are unable to describe that which factor is exactly involved in the alteration of a prostate cell to a cancerous one.

These risk factors could be:

Genetic Factors: Genetic makeup that is controlling the growth of the prostate is called as BRCA2. If any mutation occurs in this can lead to the development of cancer.

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Age: Men above the age of 60 years are more vulnerable to this disorder. This condition is very rare under the age of 40 years.

Geographical Region: Western countries are at more risk for this disease than Asian countries.

Diet: High intake of red meat and fatty food, and less intake of vegetables and fruits could become a cause of prostate cancer. Obesity is one of the most common risks of this disease.

It has been reported that smoking, sexually transmitted diseases, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) and vasectomy do not have any role to play in the development of prostate cancer.

What Are The Common Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

This disease develops in a person very slowly and silently so that the signs and symptoms are not very exposed at initial stages. But there are some common signs that we will be discussing here;

    • A frequent desire for urination during the day or at night.
    • Difficulty and interruption in urination.
    • Loss of control over urination that may be triggered due to laughing or coughing, but it could be without any reason.
    • Experiencing pain during urination or ejaculation.
    • The appearance of blood in urine or semen.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or someone around you complaining these symptoms then immediate book an appointment with the best oncologist in Karachi, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Are you or your loved one got diagnosed with this disease? Do not lose hope and do not get panic. You are in an era where scientific technology has become very advanced and there is rarely any disease which cannot be treated.
Here we will mention some treatment options which include;

    • Active surveillance
    • Surgical operation
    • Radiation therapy including external beam therapy and brachytherapy
    • Focal therapy including cryotherapy
    • Hormonal therapy
    • Chemotherapy
    • Bone-directed therapy
    • Immunotherapy or vaccination

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