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Psychologist for chronic pain

How Can Psychologists Help In Chronic Pain Management?


Pain has the ability to teach one about human limits or more precisely one’s own self-control, strength, and resistance of risk. Agony, particularly chronic pain, challenges our capacity to behave in a reasonable and steady way when undermined by harm. Pain is the most common reason that...

Mental health Awareness

Mental health, Why depression needs attention?


On 9 June 2018, a very heart-wrenching incident occurred. A Frenchman committed suicide in the holiest place of earth “Makkah, Grand Mosque”. Unfortunately, this act was caught in camera and went viral all over the social media. No one knows the reason behind this act but it...

Migraine and headache

6 Useful Tips To Help Prevent Migraines And Headaches


A Throbbing Headache Will Make You Miserable Anywhere Anytime. Headaches…ugh! And migraines…double ugh! They’ll make you feel like trash no matter what! And trust me, those painkillers aren’t the answer every time. In fact, you won’t need them at all if you make an effort to improve...

Psychological Facts about 7 Body Postures

Psychological Facts about 7 Body Postures

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Every person on this planet has been born with a specific and different personality. And so they differ in their ways of communication. As we know that non-verbal part is about 7% of the whole communication process but this percentage doesn’t justify its importance. It has been...