Tea Whitener Side Effects That Will Shock You

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Are you using a tea whitener in your tea? And do you consider it as dairy milk? But maybe you have heard the news that came into headlines a few years back from the supreme court of Pakistan. According to the Court, tea whitener isn’t fit for human health. And everyone becomes curious about the tea whitener side effects.

After this news got viral, many people stop using tea whiteners. As the population around the world is increasing, the demand for dairy milk is also increasing. But due to a lack of resources, this demand is not fulfilling properly. Rather, due to the increase in prices of every necessity of life, the poor are suffering everywhere in the world. And they are not getting quality products.

In Pakistan, the majority of the people belong to lower or lower-middle-class families, so they choose to buy inexpensive products rather than expensive ones. Tea whiteners are one of those examples.   

According to the orders of the Supreme Court, the manufactures of tea-whiteners must write “this is not milk” on their products. And this becomes the big question mark on the chemical production of milk-whiteners.

What is the difference between dairy milk and tea whitener?

The main difference between dairy milk and tea whitener is the type of fats in both of them. The major composition of both products is the same. But obviously, dairy milk is a natural product and its exact composition depends upon the type, breed, and feed of the animal.

The fat present in dairy milk is natural animal fat. Whereas the fat added in tea whiteners is obtained from the plant source. The amount of carbohydrates is also more in tea whiteners as compared to dairy milk.

The protein in dairy milk is easily digestible while the protein in tea-whitener is hard to digest and it takes more time to digest.


How are tea-whiteners produced?

Milk whiteners are produced from vegetable fats and proteins extracted from milk (from casein). But the composition is different from dairy milk. It has a high amount of sugar, fats, proteins with water in case of liquid whiteners.


What are the tea whitener side effects?

  • They have a high amount of sugars. That’s why not a healthy option
  • The protein in tea whitener is hard to digest
  • Fats in tea whiteners are of plant origin and high in the amount
  • They contain preservatives and chemicals 
  • According to specialists, the use of tea whiteners is harmful to health and may cause severe ailments.

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FAQs related to Tea Whiteners: 

What are tea whiteners?

Tea whiteners are used in place of fresh milk to adjust the color and flavor of black tea, coffee, or other beverages like fruit beverages and hot chocolate.

Are tea whiteners the same as dairy milk?

No, its composition and nutritional value are not like dairy milk.

Can we give tea whiteners to babies and children?

No, it’s not a healthy option for babies and children.

What is the difference between dairy milk and tea whitener?

Tea whitener has a high amount of fats that are obtained from vegetables and has proteins that are hard to digest.

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