Teenagers are more likely to get Depression; Learn, Why!

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Have you ever thought that why depression is more common among teenagers? Well! During teenage years a person is going through a lot. He/she is physically changing; their mental thoughts are evolving and what not. Its time when their hormonal changes are at peak; they themselves are exploring their new being and often times when their thoughts conflict with others they get into depression.

Depression is a mental illness and it should be taken seriously like any other ailment. If you find the unusual behavior of a kid, you should always get an opinion of a psychiatrist. Look for the best psychiatrist in Karachi to avoid the hassle. 

In this article we will highlight some of the major causes of depression among teenagers:


Yes! One of the major causes among teenagers is academic stress. The stress of achieving higher grades, getting into teachers’ good books, availing a chance of scholarship and doing overall good in academic can throw them into depression. When we expect a lot from teenagers they get depressed when they can’t meet our expectations. So please don’t be too hard on them as long as they are trying.


Never ever compare your kid to the other kids. Your kid has different mental and physical capacity. An unreasonable comparison can emerge as depression among kids. When they will fail to be like their role model they are more likely to suffer from depression. Don’t let peer pressure and charm of gaining popularity destroy their lives. Appreciate their individuality.

Separation and divorce

Who doesn’t want to see happy parents and happy family? Believe it or not! Separation or Divorce between parents can leave a great effect on teenagers. It can emotionally disturb them. Dissolution of a family, step-family can be very upsetting for a teenager and it might lead them to depression.

Low self-esteem

Come on guys; its time when we all stop body shaming and appreciate others. It is very common among teenagers to suffer from low self-esteem because of physical changes happening in their bodies. Pimples, changing in appearance, change in voice can often decrease their self-confidence. Instead of compliments, if you will keep on pinpointing their appearance they can become depressed.

Lack of attention

Who doesn’t like to be loved? Lack of attention from parents can often depress teenagers. Teenage is a very crucial age in the development of a person. It’s a time when the personality of a person forms. Lack of attention can emotionally disturb a person and often throw a teenager into depression. Especially lack of parents’ attention can cause depression.

If you feel that your child is frustrated all the time, likes to stay in isolation, behaves rudely or is angry most of the time. Talk to them, listen to them and always seek a help from a psychiatrist to be on a safe side.

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