Thalassemia In Pakistan. A Grim And Alarming Situation.

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Choosing a healthy life is surely upon us. But what if our life is not the same just like other people. Similarly, there is a chronic disease that is incurable and many young children are dealing with it. Yes! You almost guessed it right. I’m talking about thalassemia. You might have seen patients with diabetes, blood pressure, and kidney stone. These patients can surely live a better life with owing a better lifestyle but in the case of thalassemia, it is not possible.
In Pakistan, 5000 children are diagnosed by thalassemia every year. In this disease, the patient is not able to generate hemoglobin that is responsible for the generation of blood cell. So, in other words, the patient’s body is unable to blood cell in the body.

Patients mostly rely on the artificial production of blood cells. They need blood donation or blood transfusion and bone marrow transplant. For the treatment and consultation for thalassemia patient, you can also find a specialist in a big crowded city like Karachi.

Thalassemia Situation in Pakistan.

Although this disease is mostly transferred by genes still its growth rate is getting high. Most of the children are suffering from this lifetime ailment. Another difficulty of this disease in our country is that treatment is quite expensive people are not able to get timely treatment. Only blood donation is the possible treatment because it’s a noble effort and “why not”.

Future of the Disease.

There is a need to create awareness about this disease. Fortunately, the media can play an important part in this awareness campaign. People must be aware of the fact that cousin marriage can lead to such chronic and genetic disease.

Complications in Thalassemia.

This disease can lead to some major blood-related diseases that include HIV, Hepatitis B, and malaria. Although medical science has progressed due to underdeveloped country Pakistan is still facing many challenges regarding thalassemia.

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