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I have always been a very lazy and irresponsible person when it comes to consulting doctors. I used to try my best to avoid visiting one. The hassle of finding the doctor at the other corner of the city and then waiting in long queues was always upsetting. I hated going through it. I am very sure there are many of you out there agree to what I just wrote. True, isn’t it?. Undoubtedly, the majority of the people out there are the same. But the truth is I have suffered a lot by missing out on appointments. Unfortunately, you will too if you keep doing this. What if there’s a way out?. Here are the things I followed and benefited from, hopefully, you will find these helpful too.

1. Online Consultation

As many of us hate going to hospitals and clinics just like I do, online consultations are the best option for you!. Haven’t heard of it? let me tell you, Marham has a feature known as online consultations. It connects you to your favourite and the best doctor even if they are across the country. You can just sit back, schedule an appointment and talk to your doctor in your comfortable home environment. It does not only work for those who do not want to go out, but it is also beneficial for them who are lacking time to go see a doctor. If you are a student, a teacher or a businessman, no need to miss out your appointments anymore. Stay back wherever you are and get your consultation done easily. Sound good? It’ll feel even better when you try it once. Worked for me! 🙂

2. Surgeries

Here’s another service, if you are planning to get surgery done and are confused which doctor to consult and how much does it cost, think no more! Marham has a list of surgeries offered by the best doctors across town. Whether you want to get a liver transplant or a hair transplant, all the information, pricing and the doctors are mentioned here. All you have to do is to choose a relevant treatment and book your appointment.

3. Forum/Group

Marham’s group and forum are the most important and helpful platforms you can ever come across. People who pay thousands of fee to the doctors and still fail to find a cure have been helped through these platforms. Marham forum and group allows you to ask your questions to the doctors directly and they’ll be giving you the best advice and solutions. It has been free of cost since the beginning and also has helped thousands of people around the globe. Don’t worry if you are not here in Pakistan, this option if open for you too. From minor to the major issues, our doctors helped people in the best way possible.

People nowadays have a very busy lifestyle and they often miss out on many things which are even more important than just working and surviving. We have been blessed with a life, a healthy life and we should take care of it by taking care of ourselves. If you are planning to consult a doctor, trying to ask a question or have any surgery to get done with, is your one-stop solution. Pick up your phones and start searching. Best of luck!

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Javeria Adil Chughtai

Javeria Adil Chughtai

A journalist and a medical researcher by profession, badminton player and photographer by passion. You can call me an artist but No, I can't draw you! 😀

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