The 4 Most Common Problems Muslims Have To Face In Ramadan

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The Immense Benefits of Fasting Aren’t Free, You’ve Got To Pay A Little Price.

Fasting has many scientifically proved health benefits, but they come with a price. And when you have to achieve these benefits in summer season, it gets on a whole new level. Because of the limited number of meals in a day it’s obvious that you’ll feel tired, dehydrated, stressed, and moody.

Most of us become really tense and mentally exhausted in Ramadan. To deal with stress and other mental health problems, contact the best psychiatrists in Pakistan through MARHAM.

Dr. Taoufik Alsaadi, Chief Medical Officer at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology (ACPN), explains these four most common difficulties faced by Muslims during Ramadan.

1. Headaches

When you fast, your body rapidly uses glucose in your blood for energy. As you can’t eat or drink anything, your glucose level depletes. Your body starts to suffer from hunger, dehydration, lack of sleep, and hypoglycemia (low blood glucose). Such factors trigger headaches.

Headaches are also triggered when you can’t take substances you’re addicted to – like caffeine and/or nicotine (cigarettes).

problems during fasting
problems during fasting

2. Lack Of Sleep

Due to the alteration of sleeping schedule in Ramadan, you get sleep deprived. Lack of sleep induces headaches, dizziness, and nausea. It also causes forgetfulness, poor focus, lack of concentration, and increased temper. You can now online book best doctors in Karachi through

3. Caffeine Withdrawals

Pakistanis are tea lovers. Most of us are addicted to tea. The addiction is due to the caffeine in tea. So when the amount of your tea consumption decreases in Ramadan, it causes caffeine withdrawals.

problems during fasting
problems during fasting

4. Increased Stress And Anxiety

Difficulty in routine management and lack of sleep can cause your stress level to shoot. You become more anxious and tense. This is very common among Pakistanis. The usual daily workload coupled with reduced physical and mental strength increase anxiety and frustration. You can now online book best doctors in Lahore through

problems during fasting
problems during fasting

These common problems can be managed with a good diet and routine plan. Avoid strenuous physical activity to save your strength. Also, don’t forget to practice self-discipline and patience. They are the reason why we are obliged to fast in the first place.

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