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Just a month ago right at the time when we were at a peak of COVID19 in Pakistan, we faced a serious shortage of medicines. That too, the ones which were required at a high priority. People were dying because of the lack of medicines the were in need of. The Healthcare sector was crashing and the shortage of medicines was the last nail in the coffin.

Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and medical stores were crowded and people were ready to pay any cost for anything to save their loved ones. Being a healthcare platform that thousands of people rely on, it was the right time and also a responsibility to step in. Working on providing online consultation in pandemic already, this became another responsibility to fulfill.

In the mid of June, just a few days after we received a call by someone who was just checking ever platform in search of a medicine that his mother needed. Having a few hours only, he insisted that he needs that medicine immediately.

After almost 40 minutes, several attempts, struggling, and contacting various people, we finally got hold of a lead where it could be found. Fortunately and successfully that medicine was delivered to the relevant person. A few days past, we received a call from the same person, saying that he had been helped right on time and that this saved his mother’s life.

It is great to be appreciated, acknowledged, and also helping people the time in dire needs.

Want to avail this service too? Scroll down to know the details about it.

Delivery Time Per City

Marham medicine delivery service is by far the most efficient service you can come across. Other delivery services that take not less than 4-5 working days to deliver your medicines, Marham delivers it in a day, to make it better, we deliver your medicines within 2 HOURS.

Delivery Charges Per City

Charges of delivery depend on which city you are in. For Lahore, the delivery charges of an order under PKR 500 are PKR 99 Only. Whereas for the orders that are above PKR 500, the delivery is FREE!!

How Can You Get The Medicines

For now, the medicine delivery service is for those only who are using our online consultation services. Once you get done with your online consultation, you forward us the prescription sent by the doctors and we deliver you your medicines within two hours only.

The good news is, in the upcoming days, you’ll be able to place an order even if you have not taken an online consultation through Marham!!

* 2 hours delivery service for Lahore only

The Contact Number To Place An Order

To place an order and for any query related to medicine delivery, you can contact +933450601773 and ask all you want. Don’t forget to drop a review on the same WhatsApp once you receive your order.

Marham Online Consultation has been working on its telemedicine service for a while now. Above all, it has already helped thousands of people in the time of COVID19 lockdown. Telemedicine services and talking to a doctor without having to leave the house has kept a lot of people safe from the unwanted exposure to this virus. Also, this has helped to keep people at home by providing them with the most needed service at their doorstep.

To book an online consultation with your doctor and to talk to him while sitting back at home, you need to install Marham’s mobile app.

Install Marham’s mobile application by using these links provided:

Android Users:

Drop a review for us at Playstore if you’ve had a good experience!

IPhone Users:

Stay Home Stay Safe!


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