The Essentials For Those Who Are Suffering From Diabetes

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If you or anyone at your home is dealing with diabetes this article is for you. Being diabetic means taking a little extra care of yourself. This is manageable when you are at home but what about when heading out or in case of some emergency? This is where a diabetes emergency kit comes handy. Here we are going to guide you about the essentials if a diabetes emergency kit. For more help and guidance regarding diabetes and its management book an appointment with the best endocrinologist using

You can have this packed in an easy to carry bag and place it a point you can reach out instantly. here is how you will prepare your grab and go diabetes emergency kit.

Choosing a Bag:

For anyone who uses medicines or insulin that have to be kept cool an insulated bag is necessary. Otherwise, an ice pack is a must. A structured bag with pockets and a sturdy strap is good. Avoid bad with open pockets.


The most important thing in your bag will be your medicines. Preferably a 7 days supply of any medicines you are taking. These can be pills or insulin pen and syringes. keep checking it very often to make sure it contains enough and appropriate supplies.

Medical Supplies:

Your bag must contain a sugar testing machine. this means packing in lancets, prepacked alcohol swabs and strips as well. If you are told to check ketones also you have to pack in ketone strips too.

To safely dispose of sharps later keep a bottle or sharps container.

A Note:

Writing a note comprising the following details and put it in a prominent place in your bag. Keeping it laminated is beneficial.

  • Your name and age.
  • Your diagnosis.
  • Medicines you take.
  • Emergency steps ta take before taking you to the hospital if needed.
  • Contact details of two persons to be informed in case of emergency.
  • Contact number and name of your doctor.


If your sugar level drops you have to act instantly. Keeping a few ready to eat snacks in your stash is important. these can be hard candies, glucose gel or tablets or a pack of juice. having something to eat is also good. Fibre biscuits and granola bars are a good choice.



For diabetics and non-diabetics staying hydrated is essential. If you tend to get high sugar levels keeping your hydration levels up is even important. Keeping a water bottle enough to last at least two days or more.

Fist-Aid Kit:

Add in a pre-made first aid kit in your bag. If you want to create your own be sure to add painkillers, bandages, adhesive tapes, fever medication, thermometer and a glucagon pen at least.


With all these supplies in your bag, you can head out worry-free. Keep this bag ready and grab it whenever you are heading out.


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