The Right Diet To Beat Tuberculosis – 5 Ideal Foods

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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Once it was known as the most dreaded disease with fatal outcomes. But now it is much better understood and treated. Tuberculosis mainly affects the lungs but it can also spread to the other parts of the body like brain and spine. In case of any chronic disease, it is important for you to take your medications each day but the right diet can also help speed the treatment and restoring your health at a faster pace.

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If you’re suffering from tuberculosis then it is necessary for you to maintain a healthy diet which will help you to beat the disease. In this article, I’m going to tell you about 5 ideal foods that will help in boosting your immunity. So let’s have a look.

1.Leafy And Bright Colored Vegetables:

Such vegetables will give you the much-needed strength that is required combating the high dose of antibiotics that you may have to take to beat tuberculosis. Eat leafy vegetables like spinach and kale that are rich in iron and vitamin B. This will help you regain your stamina.


2.Eat Plenty Of Whole Grains:

Whole grains are very important for you to eat. They are rich in vitamin B complex and fibers, which will keep you, energized and help fight the fatigue and exhaustion. So, eat plenty of whole wheat pasta, bread, and cereals. You can also book an online appointment with the best pulmonologist in Karachi through

3.Fruits Containing Vitamin A, C:

Orange, mango, papaya, and sweet pumpkin are some of the best fruits for tuberculosis patients. These fruits are rich in vitamin A while fruits like guava and amla are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which help eliminate toxins from the body.


4.Protein Rich Foods:

It is important for tuberculosis patient to eat more protein-rich foods in a diet. Dry fruits, nuts, eggs, and paneer are protein-rich foods that are easy to absorb as well. Moreover, a plate of khichdi made with rice, lentils, and seasonal vegetables is also one of the best ways to load up on proteins and other nutrients required by the body. Khichdi is a perfect food that is easy to digest.

5.Milk And Kheer:

Milk is also a great source of protein. It provides strength to the body and makes you able to perform regular activities. You can also eat calorie dense food like porridge or kheer, it will help you meet the rising metabolic demands and to prevent further weight loss. To get an online consultation with the best pulmonologist in Islamabad visit

Good, healthy and nutritious diet is a major contributor towards recovery and management of tuberculosis. Patients suffering from tuberculosis usually take a high dose of antibiotics which make them weak and lower their immunity. This is why a good diet is important to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

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