The Truth About Popular Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies

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You must have heard about trillions of benefits of apple cider vinegar. From youtube videos to Instagram posts internet is choked with qualities of this vinegar. Have you also tried some of these? Does this overwhelming hype makes you wonder if this is true or not? We had similar questions and thought to clarify this for once and for all. So here is the truth about some of the most famous uses apple cider vinegar is boosted about.

What is Vinegar?

Vinegar is produced by the action of bacteria on fruit juices, sugar, honey and similar products. The only difference in case of apple cider vinegar is that it’s started from apple juice. It’s characteristic smell and mild flavour make it different from ordinary vinegar types.

Weight Loss:

Apple cider is linked to weight loss. A study was conducted to verify this. It came out that people who drank 1 or 2 ounces of diluted apple cider vinegar had a slightly faster weight loss. It also helped to get rid of belly fat as well. If you are chronically obese and want to get rid of it book an appointment with the best bariatric surgeon in Lahore or other cities via


Be clear that the increasing amount of vinegar intake was not found to accelerate weight loss.

Lowering Sugar Level:

Taking apple cider vinegar in food or drink at meal time is helpful in controlling the spike in blood sugar post meal. It is also found to improve A1c. It is a measure of blood sugar over the past few months. For guidance regarding lifestyle changes in diabetes, you can consult the best endocrinologist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan as well via


Insulin Resistance:

Taking apple cider vinegar also helps to keep insulin levels low after you eat. High levels of insulin can lead to insulin resistance in the body. This condition can lead to type-2 diabetes. To find out more about a good diet plan for diabetes you can have an online consultation with the best nutritionists in Pakistan.

Kills Germs:

Apple cider or any other vinegar can kill germs because it has acetic acid in it. It is a good idea to add it to salads. However, it is not a good choice for disinfecting wounds. It can damage the skin. To find and consult the best skin specialist in Islamabad log on to

Good Antidandruff? NO!

It is a common myth that vinegar can help clear dandruff or make flakes disappear. There is no evidence of this property of apple cider vinegar. To get rid of dandruff try products actually designed to tame dandruff. If home remedies and shampoos fail, see a dermatologist.

A Remedy for Lice:

You would read that this vinegar can help to get rid of these critters. But studies proved vice versa. Apple cider has no anti-lice properties in it. Hygiene and anti-lice shampoos are your best bet for this case.

Teeth Whitening:

Apple cider vinegar can also help in teeth whitening but it can also erode away the tooth enamel. If you drink or eat food containing vinegar wait to brush your teeth for 30-40 minutes. This will ensure that you don’t remove the softened enamel with harsh brushing and toothpaste. Consult a dentist if you need teeth whitening services.

A lot more is also famous about this vinegar like it is healthy for the gut and lowers blood pressure. But more research and evidence is needed to confirm this. So, before you believe in anything on the internet do your part of research and confirm it from a health professional as well.


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