Theory Of Multiple Intelligence. Amaze Yourself With This

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Our life is revolving around a theory that those who are efficient in academic results are more intelligent rather than those who fail to achieve 100% marks. But here is something different I have to share with you. If you are some average person with the not really intelligent mind than you don’t need to get sad because there is some really fruitful information for you that can put a smile on your face.

According to Howard Gardner argue that there is 8 kind of intelligence that apply to diverse human functioning. It means that if you are not good in grades may be it is possible that you are intelligent in some other field and functioning of life.

Mainstream intelligence test is all related to linguistic, logical reasoning, and mathematical questions. You can even get professional and authentic information from a good psychiatrist about multiple intelligence.
But some people are not able to solve them. The reason is clear and obvious that they are intelligent in other ways. So let’s just put some light on those eight intelligence factors and make yourself proud.

Multiple Intelligence

    • Naturalist. Those who are naturally intelligent.
    • Musical. Those who remember stuff with musical rhyme. Often we study with the music on. The reason is we are musically intelligent.
    • Mathematics intelligence. Math is the most hated subject. But there are some people who are outclassed in math.
    • Existential Intelligence. These people tend to smartly responsive to human. Immediately response to an intellectual question.
    • Interpersonal intelligence. Interpersonal ability mean an understanding of nonverbal communication.
    • Linguistic intelligence. It is clear from its name that in this intelligence person uses words and language to express things.
    • Spatial intelligence. This intelligence is the ability to think in three dimensions.
    • Intra-Personal Intelligence. It is the ability of oneself, thought and feeling.

Multiple Intelligence And Our Kids.

We can use all these abilities to educate young kids. In school often these abilities also apply so that teacher can analyze the strength and weaknesses of kids. Some kids are not very responsive to math but other are more efficient in music intelligence. The education system is even creating awareness in parents to use these multiple intelligence criteria for kids. Discouraging them won’t going to help parents anyway.

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