Considering To Get Weight Loss Surgery? Common Queries Answered

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Obesity is one of the most common yet one of the deadly problems that humans are facing nowadays. It not just physically affects you but takes a great toll on your mental and emotional health. Once it reaches to a point where it becomes life-threatening your doctor might suggest you to go for a Weight loss surgery.

Now question arises who should get this surgery done? Marham is here to provide you with a complete guideline regarding Weight loss surgery.

  1. What exactly is a weight loss surgery?

It is a surgery that is done on an overweight person when he fails to shed weight despite of a diet and exercises. It is recommended by the doctors only when a person is about 100 pounds extra compared to his ideal weight and who face serious health issues because of it.

Who is involved in the decision making of a surgery?

Just like any other surgery, it’s a serious one too. A person needs to be ready for the completely new lifestyle that she/he is going to face afterwards. Recovering from the surgery and adjusting to a whole new way of eating and living can take time. It’s definitely a big decision so along with patients, dieticians, exercise trainers and psychologists are involved in this.

What makes me a good candidate for a weight loss surgery?

There are number of factors involved in it and it is mainly on your doctor to determine whether you qualify for it or not. Some factors that counts are mentioned below:

  • Health of Patient: Doctors will work with patients to improve their general health prior to surgery and make them fit for a surgical procedure.
  • Check Emotional Stability: For this surgery to be done a person needs to be emotionally strong. After all a person has to go through pain, will have to be patient enough to deal with recovery time. For this one session with a psychologist is must prior to the surgery.
  • Is Patient ready for change: Patient needs to know that once they get the surgery done there is no turning back and they won’t be able to get their old lifestyle back. And if they do so as it will make their surgical procedure go in vain.
  • Medication for life: Patientswill have to take multivitamins on daily basis to make the procedure successful and will have to exercise daily. Nutritionist should be consulted to talk about a diet plan that should be followed after surgery.

Anyone thinking to get a weight loss surgery need to mentally prepare for it. They should arrange meetings with doctors as well as psychologists to know how the surgery will work and how they will recover mentally as well. So it’s a decision that requires the involvement of a team of doctors.

Few Most Popular Psychologist:

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