This 1 Habit is Damaging your Health

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Sitting at the dinner table you will often hear “do not drink water between meals”. While we most often do neglect this thinking it just a myth. Actually, it has many negative effects on digestive and general health. Read on how this one habit is damaging your health.

Effect on Gastric Juices:

Eating food causes the release of gastric juices responsible for digestion. When you drink water with food these juices are diluted. Hence the slowed down digestion and increased time of food stay in your stomach. Besides indigestion, it can also lead to cramps in your tummy.

Effect on Saliva:

Water intake along with food dilutes saliva as well. saliva sends signals to the stomach to prepare for digestion. Additionally, it is also responsible for the breakdown of food in the mouth. When you take water it changes its consistency and hence it’s functioning is affected. All this accumulates as delayed digestion and symptoms of indigestion may surface.


Water intake with food can cause a decline in the production of gastric juices. Due to the decreased amount of enzymes for digestion food stays in the stomach for longer. This undigested food can leak into food pipe causing acidity and heartburn.

Increased Insulin Production:

Sipping water in between a meal causes the production of insulin, like a glycemic food would. As the body is unable to digest food containing sugar due to increased water intake. This undigested food is stored as fat inside the body.


Accumulation of undigested food as fats can lead to weight gain as well. This can lead to many other problems like hypertension and other heart problems.
Eating meals with less salt and consuming water 30 minutes before a meal can help in controlling thirst. Also, avoid keeping a glass of water next to your plate. Break this habit and save yourself from many health troubles.

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