This Is What Makes You Suspect Yourself

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Have you been there suspecting yourself of wrongdoings and expecting to be exposed by any time when actually there is nothing like that? Is the fear of being disclosed as a fraud to other people captivating you for none? Worry not for you are not alone in this. This is due to a medical condition called Impostor Syndrome. It is also referred to as Impostor phenomenon.

Many high achievers, actors, award-winning scientists and people from every demographic location suffer from this. This especially hits after a noticeable achievement like a promotion, distinction in studies or after an invention. Men, women, and children anyone can be a victim of this. But it is especially more pronounced in women and minorities.

How to Deal with It?

There are many things that people with impostor syndrome can do to make them feel better and get rid of it.

Know that this is Common:

Having feelings of being a fraud is more common than you think. It is widespread and as much as 70% of people are affected by this. But no one tells others as they feel safe hiding it from others.

Acknowledge your Achievements:

Take out your certificates, awards, and recommendation and read the inscriptions. These are not just paper and metal these are proof of your work and the results you carved. Acknowledgment of what you have achieved makes you feel who you are and what you have gone through to be that. this will reduce the anxiety of having copied or fraudulence.

Share your Feelings:

The circle of trusted friends and mentors is essential for every successful person. They come to help you with impostor syndrome as well. Share your feeling with a friend or mentor you trust. Tell them what you are going through. If they don’t seem to understand it is time to seek professional help.

Praise Kids:

It is essential to build a healthy mind frame through childhood. Praise efforts of your kids instead of praising their traits. This will instill in them the concept that efforts bring results.

Psychological problems can affect anyone during a lifetime. It is essential to give yourself proper time to heal and don’t shy away from seeking help. Help is there all you have to do is to and get it before you get down with psychological problems. If you don’t have access to physically visiting a psychologist you can have online consultation using Share and spread awareness.

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