This One Ingredient Can Help Relieve Fever Every Time

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When anybody is suffering from a fever over the counter drugs are usually a first and foremost choice. Especially parents tend to depend a lot on antipyretic medicines. It is definitely no fun to cope with a feverish kid. Some types of fever are dangerous and need urgent medical attention but common and milder ones can be dealt with naturally. To find the best child specialist in Karachi log on to

Nature has many beneficial ingredients that can help to cope up with this. Herbal teas are nature’s gift which you can brew to attain several benefits. Here we are mentioning how herbal teas can help to relieve fever. Along with its soothing taste and aroma, it also enables you to avoid dangerous side effects associated with the overuse of chemical agents.

Benefits of Herbal Tea in Fever:

Power of natural ingredients is amazing. Read on to know surprising benefits a hot cup of herbal tea holds.

Stimulates Immunity:

Warming properties of certain herbs help to fight infections. These do so by increasing blood circulation which improves transport of white blood cells to required sites. The warmth of herbal teas also subsides chilly and achy feelings accompanying fever.



Sweating is a normal response of body in a fever to avoid temperature from getting too high. Herbs like thyme, bee-balm, ginger support this mechanism. Along with sweat toxins from the body are also release cleansing the system. These also soothe a sore throat. For more help regarding ear nose, throat problems book an appointment with the best ENT specialist in Lahore via



Staying hydrated is critical whether you are healthy or sick. In fever particularly dehydration can be dangerous. It is even essential for little ones to keep them hydrated in fever. Chicken broth, water or warm drinks are a good option. Herbal tea has an additional benefit of minerals and vitamins from herbs. These help to promote health and wellness.

Reduces Discomfort:

Studies report that certain herbal teas can reduce inflammation and accompanying pain plus fever. These work in a pattern similar to NSAIDs. Pleasant taste and aroma are another plus point of these concoctions.  Herbs like cat’s claw, willow-bark and turmeric are beneficial for this purpose.

Other than these ginger, catnip, yarrow, mint, chamomile and cinnamon teas are great for this purpose.


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