7 useful tips to protect your hair in summer

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Healthy, shiny and bouncy hair enhances the beauty of a person and increases self-confidence. The health of the hair depends on a lot of factors, including diet, maintenance, environment, and other factors. Hair are very fragile and delicate because it takes a lot of effort to maintain. In summers, when the hair is more exposed to the sunlight and dust, they get damaged.

But, we have discussed below few measures can help an individual to protect their hair in the summers, before using a product consult with the doctor before using any product;

1. Limited Wash

In summers, the oil is secreted from the scalp which keeps the hair protected. The natural oils secreted from the scalps gives shine and a protective layering on the hair from the sun and hot wind. Hence, by washing the hair numerous times can wipe the natural oil and expose your hair to the harmful sunlight. But, if the hair is exposed to the sun the whole day, then the individual should wash the hair, It is because the oil drys up after a long day under the sunlight.

2. Hide the Hair

For keeping the hair shiny, bouncy and fresh, it is important to cover up the hair in summer. Use a cap, bandana or an umbrella to protect the hair from the hot summer heat. If sweat is an issue, then use a cap with holes to let the hair breathe. The chic, fashionable hat will also serve a purpose of fashion and style.

3. Moisturize

The best way is to use moisturizers, which could be a moisturizer of a trusted brand or oiling the hair. Moisturizing the hair is critical because it gives a protective layering to the hair from the hot weather and warm winds. One can also use the mixture of aloe vera, avocado oil, and water for the hair, which is very beneficial for the health of the hair.

4. No blow drying

Avoid blow drying the hair in summer, because it also dries the moisturizing oil from the head. By blow drying the hair, it becomes dry and tangled, then it when they are further exposed to the sunlight, they become weak and damaged. It takes a lot of time to regain healthy hair.

5. Beware of Chlorine

It is vital to water the hair before going for swimming because it works as a protective coating against chlorine in the water. If a person goes directly under the water without washing it before then, the chlorine gets stuck in the hair. Chlorine is dangerous for hair, because the trapped chlorine damages the hair by removing the natural oils from the hair, and it gets hard to revive the healthy hair.

6. Food for Hair

Keeping a good set of hair on the head does not only depend on the outer protection, in fact, food also has a critical part to play. Food like oatmeal, cinnamon, almond, yogurt, and eggs help the hair become shiny and healthy. On the other hand, soda, sugar and fast food are bad for the body and hair.

7. Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is important, it opens up the pores and helps the natural oil to secrete. It makes the hair more shiny and fresh, because of the moisturizing. It is best to use oil while massaging the scalp, it is good for the hair in summer. Use the fingertips and rotate them in a circular motion for few minutes and it will get the job done.

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