Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals In Pakistan

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Cancer is that type of disease that can ruin a happy life. There are more than 100 types of cancer. Cancer can be treated with chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, and synthetic lethality. Pakistan had witnessed a significant increase in the number of cases of various kinds of cancer. There are hospitals in Pakistan that offer cancer treatment.

Have a Look at The List of 5 Best Cancer Hospitals in Pakistan.

1. Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Lahore:

This cancer hospital was established by former cricketer and famous politician Imran Khan. He named this hospital after his mother’s name who died because of cancer. The hospital specializes in the treatment of cancer of various kinds and at all stages conceivable. You can book an appointment with the best oncologists in Lahore at SKMHC via

Hospitals In Pakistan

Another conspicuous element of the hospital is that it gives free treatment to destitute individuals. People from all over the world give donations for patients who can’t afford the treatment. Right now Shaukat Khanum is the best cancer hospital in Pakistan.

2. Bait-ulSukoon Cancer Hospital, Karachi:

Bait-ul-Sukoon is one of the best cancer hospitals in Pakistan. This hospital aims to provide the best medical and surgical treatment to cancer patients free of cost. This cancer hospital was established by Bait-ul-Sukoon foundation with a total of 50 beds.

bait ul sakoon cancer hospital

There is an In-house pharmacy at the hospital include a wide range of cancer treatment drugs. Bait-ul-Sukoon hospital provides chemotherapy, ultrasound, radiology, and radiotherapy services to the patients. You can book an appointment with the best oncologists in Karachi via

3. KIRAN Cancer Hospital, Karachi:

Specialized in cancer treatment KIRAN Hospital is located in Karachi.

kiran cancer hospital

This hospital provides specialized consultation and treatment facilities to the cancer patients. Radiations Oncology, endoscopies and other comprehensive laboratory facilities are available in this hospital for admitted cancer patients.

4. Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute (NORI), Islamabad:

Nuclear medicine, oncology, and radiotherapy institute were established by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) in 1983 at Islamabad.

nori cancer hospital

This hospital is providing treatment facilities to about 40,000 patients from various cities of Pakistan. You can book an appointment with the best oncologists in Islamabad via

5. The Institute Of Nuclear Medicine And Oncology (INMOL), Lahore:

Inmol cancer hospital is effectively helping cancer patients. In this cancer hospital, people from all across Pakistan are treated with donations.

inmol cancer hospital

This is the major aim of this cancer hospital to provide the best cancer treatment to the patients who can’t afford. Inmol cancer hospital has been treating cancer patients for the past 28 years. This hospital is providing advanced medical facilities to help cure a deadly disease. If you want to search for more famous hospitals in Pakistan there are some links that help you to find the best hospital.

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