Top 5 Best Child Specialists In Karachi

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Every family needs a child specialist who can help them in diagnosing and treating the healthcare challenges of their child. Parents are specifically very much concerned about the health of their child. They look forward to the best Child specialists in Karachi who can help their child to cope with acute or chronic illness. Luckily, in Karachi, there are many qualified child specialists, who can professionally deal with the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of a child.

Here is a list of Top 5 Best Child Specialists in Karachi:

1. Dr. Faiza Rasheed:

Dr. Faiza Rasheed is one of the highly qualified pediatricians in Karachi. She’s a specialist in General pediatric care, childhood nutrition, childhood growth and development, nutrition assessment, circumcision, and childhood infections. She has experience of over 4 years in this field. She’s the one who never fails to satisfy her patient’s needs. Currently, she’s practicing at Sindh Government Hospital Korangi and Online Clinic Karachi. You can also book an online appointment with Dr. Faiza Rasheed through

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2. Dr. Omperkash Khemani:

Dr. Omeprkash Khemani is a highly qualified and experienced doctor. He has 13 years of experience in this particular field. He is a specialist in general pediatric care, childhood nutrition, childhood growth and development, and nutrition assessment. In pats, he had at Lyari General Hospital as Assistant Professor and Senior Registrar. Dr. Omperkash is currently practicing as a pediatrician at Hilal-e-Ahmar House Karachi. You can visit to book an online appointment with Dr. Omeprkash Khemani.

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3. Dr. Summera Mehdi:

Dr. Summera Mehdi is one of the most experienced and qualified child specialists. She has 8 years of working experience and worked at Civil Hospital Dadu and Karachi as Resident Medical Officer. Currently, she is practicing at Afsar memorial hospital, Faiz-e-Aam medical center, Dr. Summera clinic, and Sunday Clinic Karachi. To book an online appointment with Dr. Summera, visit

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4. Dr. Qazi Muhammad Salman:

Dr. Qazi is a highly qualified doctor. He has 7 years of experience in this particular field. Moreover, the specialist in general pediatric care, circumcision, hernia, neonatology, childhood infections, blood diseases, thalassemia, vaccination, and pediatric oncology. Furthermore, practices as a pediatrician at Medicare Cardiac and General Hospital Karachi. To consult book appointment with the best doctor in Karachi visit

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5. Dr. Khuda Bux Khosa:

Dr. Khuda Bux is a highly qualified pediatrician with 3 years of experience in a particular field. He has worked at the National Institute of Child Health Karachi as Pediatrics Endocrine. He also worked as Medical Officer at Indus Hospital. You can visit him at Hassan General Hospital Karachi where he practices from Monday to Friday. To find more Child specialists in Karachi you can easily book an online appointment through

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