Top 5 Best Hospitals In Karachi

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Karachi as the biggest city and business hub of Pakistan has the best health facilities in the country including numerous advanced and world-class hospitals. Many modern and well-equipped hospitals are operating in Karachi to meet the medical needs of people.

Here is the list of top 5 best Hospitals In Karachi.

1) Agha University Hospital:

It is a first-class hospital of Karachi with well-reputed training in the statute also. It meets even the most elevated universal standard of human service. The staff and services are simply fantastic. They have 560 beds in operations, 117 semi-private and 122 private air-conditioned rooms, 251 general wards beds, 52 special care beds, 11 main operation theatres, 4 operation theatres in surgical day care, 1 operation theatre in Obs/Gyn. You can book appointments with the best general physicians in Karachi and other specialists at Agha University hospital through

2) Jinnah Hospital Karachi:

Jinnah Hospital is the most visited hospital in Karachi that cares and heal thousands of people every day. The surge at the hospital is a symbol of hospitals productivity and best healthcare facilities. The hospital provides the best of its facility with the help of their skilled and competent staff and doctors. They have 1185 beds for patients, 28 clinical departments, 17 non-clinical departments. To book appointments or consult the best generals surgeons in Karachi or any other specialists at Jinnah hospital visit

3) Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center:

Australian concept infertility medical centre is running since 1998. Hospitals provide complete privacy to the visitors and facilitate them with counsellors to help mentally as well. A prominent feature of this hospital is its cleanliness and hygiene atmosphere. You can find and consult the best infertility specialists in Karachi via

4) DHA Medical Center:

DHA medical centre is operating since 2001. This hospital has been providing health care facilities in the most ideal way to the thousands of patients every year. They have consultancy clinics, National X-ray and Ultrasound, ambulance service and 24 hours working emergency.

5) Liaquat National Hospital:

One of the best private and busiest hospitals in Karachi is Liaquat National Hospital. The services and health care is given by the hospital staff is excellent. They have 700 beds for patients, 32 speciality service along with diagnosis and therapeutic facilities.

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