Top 5 Best Psychologists In Lahore

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With the passage of time life is becoming more complex. One day you’re feeling great about yourself and getting positive vibes from the outer world. But the very next day, you’re having all the negative thoughts in your mind. Sounds familiar? Happens to you? Don’t worry! Take a deep breath and relax.

If your mind is not at peace doesn’t mean you have any mental disorder. But still, you have every reason to visit a psychologist. He is the one who can help you in bringing back your peace of mind. Only a good psychologist can evaluate, diagnose, and treat your mental and behavioral processes. Even if you have any mental disorder, still you can reverse it. All you need is a good psychologist! Visit and get an appointment with the best Psychologists in Lahore.

For You, We Have Listed 5 Best Psychologists in Lahore:

1. Squadron Leader (r) Ahmed Salman:

Dr. Ahmed Salman is one of the best and qualified psychologists in Lahore. He has done masters in psychology and holds a diploma in clinical psychology. His specialization is in treating depression, anxiety, drug addict, family issues, low self-esteem, and suicidal cases. He has 25 years of experience in this particular field. Moreover, he has served in Pakistan Air Force as Head of The Department. Currently, he is consulting at Rasheed Hospital and Madawa Clinic Lahore. You can also book an online appointment with Dr. Ahmed Salman through

Best psychologist in Lahore
Best Psychologist in Lahore

2. Sadaf Inayat:

Sadaf Inayat is a highly qualified psychologist. She has done her BS. Hons in clinical psychology from Punjab University and MS from GCU Lahore. She is a specialist of depression, anxiety, adult psychology, and child psychology. She is currently practicing at Iqra Medical Complex, Lahore Psychiatric Clinic, and Khan and Bajwa Psychiatry Clinic, Lahore. Visit to get an online appointment with Sadaf Inayat.

3. Dr. Ayesha Shahid Sheikh:

Dr. Ayesha is Ph.D. (scholar) with 5 years of experience in this particular field. She has done her Bs. Hons from GCU. She has attained NLP- Hypnosis training from the UK. Dr. Ayesha has worked excessively on depression, anxiety, phobias, marital couple counseling, self-esteem building, career development counseling, and child behavior problems. She is currently working at Hameed Latif Hospital as a consultant psychologist. To get an appointment with Dr. Ayesha Shahid Shaikh visit

4. Amna Sinan:

Amna Sinan is a professional and qualified psychologist who has 8 years of experience in this field. She has done MS Clinical Psychology from Punjab University Lahore. Moreover, she is specialized in dealing with adult and child psychological issues. Including her experience of being working as supervisor clinical psychologist at Govt. Special Education Center, Punjab University Lahore. She is currently practicing at City Clinic Lahore. Visit and get an appointment with the Amna Sinan.

Best psychologist in Lahore

5. Ibrahim Siawash:

Ibrahim Siawash is a qualified psychologist and hypnotist. He has done MS from Government University Lahore. He holds a diploma in hypnotherapy from the USA. Ibrahim Siawash is highly competent and qualified to help his patients recover from different psychological challenges. He is a specialist in treating depression, anxiety, drug addicts and suicidal cases. He is currently working at Lahore School of Management as a consultant psychologist. You can book an online appointment with Ibrahim Siawash through

Best psychologist in Lahore

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