Top 5 Best Sexologists Treating Male Infertility

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Sexology is about human sexuality.

It includes:

  1. Behaviours
  2. Function
  3. Sexual Interests

Being sexologists means connected to various other fields.

Such as:

  1. Psychology
  2. Criminology
  3. Epidemiology

The subjects which sexology focuses on is paraphilia, sexual activities, puberty, child sexuality, sexuality among elders, sexual development, atypical sexual interest and multiple others. It also covers the issues of people who are physically disabled.

Sexologists are trained to treat sexual dysfunctions like:

  1. Erectile dysfunction
  2. Anorgasmia
  3. Paedophilia

what do sexologists do?

People usually want to talk to a sexologist about sexual orientation or gender identity. You can also consult them to improve or build a healthy and respectful relationship with your significant other. A sexologist also provides support to people who lack to understand the basics of their marital life and how to stay safe.

What Is Male Infertility

Male infertility is an issue that upsets a man’s ability to have any offspring. Consequently, that lowers the chances of their female partner to expect a child. Infertility is an issue which 1 out of every 6 couples experience. For ann infertility diagnosis, you should consult a doctor. Male infertility rate is higher than female infertility rate.

Top Best Sexologists On Marham

1. Dr. Muhammad Irfan Nazir

Dr. Muhammad Irfan Nazir is a consultant urologist practising at Doctors Hospital, Lahore.

His areas of interest include:

  1. Stone diseases
  2. Infertility
  3. Kidney stones
  4. Male sexual health and erectile dysfunction.

Dr Irfan is a very experienced doctor, holding a professional resume for over 16 years in this field. He is an MBBS graduate from Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry, MCPS graduate in General Surgery and FCPS qualified in Urology from College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Dr Irfan’s qualification is in general surgery and urology from Aga Khan University Hospital

2. Dr Fawad Nasrullah

Dr Fawad Nasrullah is a highly qualified and competent doctor. He is a consultant urologist and a specialist in:

  1. Male sexual health
  2. Infertility
  3. Erectile dysfunction
  4. Andrology
  5. Kidney tumour surgery
  6. Advanced endoscopic urology

His Experience includes 19 years of experience in the relevant field. On top of this, he has 14 years of solid post-specialization experience. Dr Fawad is a pioneer of prostate Pioneered transrectal ultrasonography. He also holds the ability to help people with confusing gender state.

3. Dr Amanullah Memon

Dr Amanullah Memon is a highly qualified professional. He practices as a Urologist at Online Clinic Karachi.

Dr AmanUllah is a specialist in

  1. UroOncology
  2. Prostate Diseases
  3. Stone Diseases
  4. Infertility
  5. Kidney Stones
  6. External Lithotripsy
  7. Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
  8. Stone Removal Surgery (Open/Endoscopic)
  9. Male Sexual Health
  10. Bladder/Kidney Tumor Surgery
  11. Cancers Of Uro-Genital Tract
  12. Prostatic Disease
  13. Stones Of Urinary Tract
  14. EndoUrology
  15. Urological Procedures
  16. Marital Relations Counselling
  17. Male Infertility Treatment
  18. Cystoscopy

4. Dr Azimullah Asif Goraya

Dr Azimullah Asif Goraya is a highly qualified and competent professional. He practices as a Sexologist at Salim Medical Complex Quetta and Sexology Clinic At Neelam Road Islamabad

He is a specialist in:

  1. Male Sexual Health
  2. General Sexual
  3. Health Issues
  4. Infertility

Dr Azim Ullah is an MBBS graduate and MPH, M.PHIL, PhD(Sexology) qualified. Holding over 38 years of experience, he has treated many complicated issues successfully.

5. Dr Ahmed Sajjad

Dr Ahmed Sajjad is a highly qualified doctor. He practices as a Urologist at Islamabad Specialist Clinic, Islamabad.

Dr Ahmed is a specialist in:

  1. Stone Diseases
  2. Male Sexual Health
  3. Prostatic Disease
  4. Stones Of Urinary Tract
  5. Endo Urology
  6. Male Infertility Treatment
  7. Erectile Dysfunction
  8. Urogynaecology
  9. Geriatric Urological Problem
  10. Urology Surgery
  11. Testicular Diseases
  12. Paediatric Urology

Dr Ahmed is an FCPS and MBBS qualified doctor holding 29 years of medical experience in the relevant field.

Many people tend to ignore the fact that we need more than just basic health care. If we experience symptoms or issues or certain kind, we do not consult a doctor unless it gets worse. Similarly, we need sexologists in our life as much as we need any other doctor. The can save you from multiple complicated situations. As well as your marital life. If you are confused about where to find a doctor, we have a lot to help you with.

These doctors are a part of Marham’s panel. They are dedicated doctors and aim to help as many people as they can. They are available for physical and online consultation as well. You can now connect with them by calling at our helpline 03111222398 or by logging on to

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