Top 5 Child Specialists in Karachi

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Children are more like a flower in the garden. Their giggles and squeals are priceless. Sometimes, they are the cutest creature on planet earth, and other times they are just as annoying as they can be. But this is a fact that a home is not actually home without children.

Parenting is always difficult for the first 10 years or maybe the whole life. Being a parent whether you are a mother or a father, you always try to keep an eye on your children’s health. From minor flu to major disorders, parents are always extra concerned about their kid’s health.

In my office mostly working ladies are mothers as well. For them, it is sometimes really difficult to find immediate assistance from the top child specialist. This situation obviously affects their work abilities as well. It’s not only about working mothers if you are a housewife and your husband is not available then surely you are the one responsible for the good care of your kid’s health.

Let’s just say its 8 pm and your kid is suffering from unbearable stomach pain. You need immediate help from a doctor and deep inside you know that at this time it will be a little hard to find the best one. Do not get panic with the situation, take out your phone, and just type MARHAM.

A platform that can not only help you in finding top child specialist but doctors in every other specialty. Now the question is how a child specialist can help you.

How Child Specialists Can Help?

Although some diseases can be handled by a general physician however it is not always necessary. Here are some major and minor diseases and disorders that need a child specialist’s attention.

    • Child nutrition.
    • Nutritional assessment.
    • Childhood infections.
    • Neonatology.
    • Pediatric surgeries.
    • Pediatric tumors.
    • General diseases.
    • Orthopedic diseases.
    • Growth and development.
    • Blood diseases.

Child care is a sensitive thing to handle. This is one of the major reasons to choose a child specialist rather than a general physician. A child specialist will always diagnose and treat your kid with extra care because they are well trained to handle kids with care.

Which Surgeries Do Child Specialists Perform?

  • Appendectomy
    This treatment is done when the appendix becomes infected and inflamed due to a certain health issue, it needs to be removed and replaced.
  • Biliary atresia
    This treatment is done to correct a congenital birth defect in kids where their bile cannot be emptied properly. Through this treatment, the bile ducts are rerouted so that the liver can begin to drain as required.

  • Congenital defects
    When a child is born, there are chances that he coms into this world with numerous congenital defects that are responsible to impact the ability of a child to live.

  • Gallbladder surgery
    After birth, there are very strong chances that the gallbladder gets infected due to a, formation of some stone, or some other medical condition.
  • Bowed chest
    Bowed chest happens as a result when a child’s breast bone and ribs grow disproportionately and need to get fixed through surgical intervention.

  • Abnormal pathways
    In case if the child’s trachea or esophagus is malformed, it can cause respiratory or digestive problems. It can also prove to be a threat to a child’s life. It sometimes requires surgical intervention to reconstruct the airway of the esophagus to the stomach.

How Can You Find The Top Child Specialists In Karachi?

The Internet world is full of sources including both good and fraud websites. To take urgent help from a doctor it is always difficult to make a decision at once that whether we can trust him or not. To eliminate this hurdle there are some tips that you can follow.

Check Profile:

To book an appointment online you need to check whether a doctor’s profile is complete or not. Specializations and doctor’s experience also matters a lot? Also, assure that does he deal with the specialty you are looking for? Assure yourself before booking an appointment with any doctor. Because credibility does matter.

Check Reviews:

When you go shopping you are always looking for the best things. You ask your friends and people around you for recommendations and reviews. Yes! Reviews matter a lot. It can help you to make a decision. While checking profiles also look for the reviews. Those doctors who have more positive reviews are always trustworthy. Trust on word of mouth and people’s experience.

Appointment Booking Procedure:

Look forward to the number of organization which will connect you with the doctor. Calling that organization is much better for taking the suggestion. Booking appointments via call center can again improve credibility.

On the basis of a bundle of questions regarding top child specialists in Karachi, I have shortlisted some really good specialists on the basis of experience, reviews, and skills. So here is the account of the top child specialists in Karachi.

Dr. Faiza Rasheed:

She has 4 years of experience in pediatric and is a highly qualified doctor. Dr. Faiza Rasheed is currently practicing at Sindh government hospital and online clinic Karachi. Her specialties includes Pediatric nutritionist (body weakness and slow growth), nutritional assessment (diet plans to fulfill kids nutrition), bed wetting problem, vaccination, cerebral palsy, adolescent medicine, immunological complications (weak immune system), feeding problems (digestion of milk or not taking it properly), and fits and seizure.

Dr. Omperkash Khemani:

With 13 years of the tremendous experience, Dr. Omperkash Khemani is the best child specialist in Karachi. Currently, he is working at Hilal-e-Ahmar House Karachi. His specialties include vaccination, cerebral palsy, general diseases, nutritional assessment, immunization, adolescent medicine, short stature, genetic defects, and immunological complications.

Dr. Summera Mehdi:

Dr. Summera Mehdi has 8 years of experience in pediatrics and currently she is practicing in Afsar memorial hospital and Summera clinic Karachi. She is highly specialized in Feeding problems (digestion of milk or not taking it properly), immunological complications treatment, newborn baby health, Oncology, GIT problems, Urology, cerebral palsy, short stature, vaccination, pediatric cancer, general pediatric diseases, and Endocrinol disease.

Dr. Sumbal Waheed:

Dr. Sumbal Waheed is a highly qualified Child specialist in Karachi. She is practicing in Imam Clinic Karachi. Her specialties include growth development, vaccination, allergy, asthma, fits and seizures, genetic defects, childhood nutrition, abdominal pain, and bed wetting issues. Those patients who book an appointment with her from really send back positive reviews.

Dr. Maryam Aftab:

Dr. Maryam Aftab is a highly qualified Child specialist in Karachi and is currently practicing at Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital in Karachi. She is highly specialized in immunological complications treatment, newborn baby health, Oncology, GIT problems, Urology, cerebral palsy, short stature, vaccination, pediatric cancer, general pediatric diseases, Bronchoscopy, conjoined twins, chest deformity, abdominal wall defect, Circumcision for Babies, and Bronchoscopic removal Of foreign bodies.

These five best child specialist can help you in maintaining the health of your children. Thanks to technology that made every single thing easy and accessible for us. From Marham, you can even find an immediate answer to your minor ambiguities from trustworthy doctors through the Marham forum.
Digital healthcare has made life easier than before.

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