Top 5 Hazards of Sleeping with Makeup On

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From foundation to lipstick, a variety of cosmetics is available to make your looks perfect. Appropriate use of makeup miraculously enhances the beauty of each lady in no time. But how many of you know that this can harm your skin too? If you have damaged your skin with the careless use of cosmetics you can consult a top skin specialist in Karachi or any main city of Pakistan via Marham. Yes, it is a fact that when you sleep with makeup on a face it can be a foe to your beauty. Have a look at how makeup can damage your skin overnight.

Skin Damage:

The whole night is enough for makeup chemicals to ruin the delicate cells of the skin. Even the top quality products are harsh enough to make your skin dry and wrinkled. All makeup products contain high oxidants which are directly involved in aging your skin. If your skin is more sensitive then you may suffer from an allergic reaction too.

Removal Of Make Up

Eye infection:

Eyeliner and mascara are really amazing to beautify your eyes. But if not removed before going to bed they can cause a problem from mild redness to a severe eye infection. This can leads to serious medical conditions even cancer. In Karachi and Lahore, during the year, thousands of such cases were reported. You can consult the best eye specialist in Lahore and Karachi via Marham and find out how to keep your eyes healthy.

Eyelashes and Eyelids:

Not only the eyes are at stake but the related things can also be damaged. Yes, the little follicles of eyelashes and oil glands of eyelids can be clog by your thick mascara, in result bumpy masses may appear on eyelids.

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Acne Broke out:

Little pores of skin help to breathe for its health. When these pores clog, acne breaks out in the result. And makeup particles are tiny enough to enter these pores and clog them.

Acne Broke out

Lip Problems:

Lipstick overnight on the lips dries out the natural moisture of the delicate lips and, lips become dry, cracked and damaged. It also fades the natural lip color and causes lip darkness.

  • All these words not meant to throw away your make up kit, just buy a good makeup remover too and use it before going to bed.

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