Top 5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan

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The month of Ramadan is a period of fasting, patience, charity, sacrifice, piousness, and self-training. Muslims around the world practice fasting with the hope that these qualities will purify our souls and stay with us throughout the year. Many people observe fasting as religious obligations but only a few know the amazing health benefits it has. Indeed, it is beneficial for both our soul and body.

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Here are top 5 incredible health benefits you can drive from fasting:

1. Fasting Promotes Detoxification:

Throughout the year we eat processed foods like, bread, cakes, and pizza that contain lots of additives. These additives may become toxins in our body. Most of these toxins are stored in our fats and as we all know fasting burn fats. So, when we burn fats during fasting, especially when it is prolonged like in Pakistan, the toxins are released from our body. Main organs like liver and kidneys are involved in detoxification.

Benefits of Ramadan
Benefits of Ramadan

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2. Fasting Rests Digestive System:

Our digestive system that keeps working throughout the year finally gets rest in Ramadan. It is recognized that fasting is the best treatment for acidity in the stomach. However, we Pakistanis don’t give rest to our stomach even in Ramadan. Lavish iftaar parties and heavy suhoor lead us to overeat. Now, it is your choice whether you want to give rest to your stomach or not.

3. Fasting Resolves Inflammatory Reaction:

A few studies demonstrate that fasting promotes resolution of inflammatory diseases and hypersensitivities. Cases of such inflammatory diseases are rheumatoid arthritis and skin infections, for example, psoriasis. According to some experts, fasting also helps in the healing of inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

4. Fasting Improves Your Blood Fat Levels:

According to the study conducted in 1997 in the Annals of Nutrition Metabolism, fasting lowered LDL levels (Bad cholesterol) by 8%, triglyceride by 30% and increased HDL levels (Good cholesterol) by 14.3% so that protecting the heart from cardiovascular diseases. This happens because of our healthy eating and exercise habits. In Ramadan, most of the people go for healthy food items like dates, nuts, fruits, lentils, and other home-cooked dishes.

Benefits of Ramadan
Benefits of Ramadan

5. Fasting Reduces Blood Sugar Level:

Fasting increases the breakdown of glucose so that our body can get energy. This breakdown of glucose reduces the production of insulin and rests the pancreas. Furthermore, glucagon is produced to facilitate the breakdown. The outcome of fasting is an amazing reduction in blood sugar.

Well, the benefits of fasting are infinite, the list is too long. It lowers high blood pressure, promotes weight loss, promotes a healthy diet, and boosts immunity, help to overcome addiction and so on. Ramadan is a blessing and we can’t count what we get along with this blessing. It’s just simply incredible.

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