Top 5 Measures to Get Rid of Bleeding Gums

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While you are sitting in your lounge, watching TV, have you ever felt an awful taste in your mouth along with foul smell and when you checked you saw blood in your mouth? Or while brushing your teeth, when you gargle the whole sink gets spotted with blood? If yes, then you are suffering from sensitive gums that bleed. It can be very irritating and lead to other oral diseases such as Plaque, Cavity etc. Check with the best dentist in your city. To book an appointment with the best dentist in Islamabad, the best dentist in Karachi, best dentist in Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan visit

Mainly, Gum bleeding occurs due to gaps and swelling of teeth other reasons could be a presence of pus in gums. In order to treat it, it shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be treated there and then. Good news is that it can be treated at home but only if it’s at its initial stage otherwise a visit to a dentist is a must.

How To Get Rid Of It?

Following are a few measures that a patient can take in order to get rid of bleeding gums:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day using the soft, gentle toothbrush.
  • Say no to Mouthwashes that have Alcohol in them rather use mild mouthwashes to gargle.
  • At times the solution of salt and water helps to stop the bleeding of gums.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks or anything that has an excess amount of sugar.
  • Ice cold water can also resolve the problem of bleeding gums

Treatment and Management:

There are some ways that can help you manage the problem of bleeding gums. Some of the tried and tested remedies are mentioned below:

  • A balanced diet (A diet rich in Vitamin C and lacks sugar content)
  • Be gentle while brushing (Use a brush with soft bristles)


  • Avoid smoking (It affects enamel of a tooth hence making gums sensitive)
  • Regularly floss your teeth
  • Change your BRUSH! (For maintaining oral hygiene changing toothbrush frequently is vital)
  • Visit the dentist for regular check-ups

All of the above-mentioned remedies can give a person relief from a bleeding gum but it doesn’t ensure permanent solution hence a check-up from a dentist is a must. The dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly, remove all the plague and will advise you to use certain medicines that will help in reducing the sensitivity of your gums.

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