Top 6 Best Hospitals In Islamabad

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Islamabad is the capital and the third-largest city of Pakistan. Islamabad offers the best healthcare facilities in Pakistan. Modern, most advanced and well-equipped hospitals are providing the best services to the people. There are many hospitals in Islamabad that have the ability to serve and accommodate thousands of patients not only from Islamabad but from all over Pakistan.

Here is the list of top 6 Best Hospitals in Islamabad:

1)Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences (PIMS):

Pakistan Institute of medical sciences (PIMS)is well equipped with advanced and modern machinery. A highly skilled and dedicated staff is providing excellent treatment to the patients. It is the best healing facility in the country for the treatment of Thalassemia. This hospital has 592 total beds, 230 beds for children, 125 beds for maternal and child care, 3.5 hectares space, pediatric, gynecology, and obstetrics specialty department.

2)Ali Medical Center:

This hospital is providing excellent health facilities in accordance with the international level and owns a very good reputation. Hospital is well equipped with professional and competent staff. Ali Medical Center provides OPD services, IPD services, Dental services, laser clinic, radiology services, skin specialists, 24 hours lab, pharmacy and emergency services.

3)Maroof International Hospital:

This hospital was established in 2009 and in a short span of time this hospital has taken health care services to the next level. Patients feel more relax in the comfortable and peaceful atmosphere of Maroof International Hospital. This hospital offers the best health services including surgeries with the latest equipment, state of the art medical facility and treatment, 24/7 laboratory and emergency services, food and nutrition services, 24/7 pharmacy, lingerie, eatery, and optics facility.


MEDICSI is the name when it comes to the best healthcare, hygiene, and highly skilled doctors. The staff of MEDICSI hospital is well trained, highly qualified and professional. Hospital offers services of laparoscopic cholecystectomy, cervical screening, infertility, gynecologist consultation, cancer screening and operating hysteroscopic. You can easily find and consult the best laparoscopic surgeons in Islamabad, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan via

5)Kulsum International Hospital:

Kulsum International Hospital is one of the most affordable hospitals that costs less to the patients. This hospital has 67 beds. Professional, highly skilled and efficient sets of doctors are providing excellent health care in this hospital. The best services of this hospital include physiotherapy, cardiac rehab, diet and nutrition, 24/7 emergency services and general surgery. You can find the best general surgeons in Islamabad and other main cities of Pakistan via,

6)Shifa International Hospital:

Shifa International Hospital provides high-quality care and health facilities to the patients. There are more than 70 highly qualified and competent consultants working in this hospital. It is one of the best hospitals in Islamabad. The hospital building is well equipped with advanced machinery and 150 beds. Shifa International Hospital offers central air conditioning, central gas supply system, fire alarm system and standby generator.

You can find more about the best hospitals in Pakistan and all other famous cities via or book appointments online with specialists in any city using the Marham app.

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