Top Tips To Stay Healthy During Hajj Pilgrimage

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The annual hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca is among the largest gatherings in the world. Each year about 3 million fortunate and blessed Muslims from around the world make the pilgrimage. Being the world’s largest mass gathering, the Hajj raises many health concerns and risks that require your attention and proper planning. The most important concern is the transmission of infectious diseases. So, if you’re planning to join the other three million pilgrims from all over the world in the holy rituals, then consult with the best general physician and discuss your current health condition with him. Moreover, you can also follow below-mentioned tips to help keep you safe and healthy during Hajj.


Hajj is an effort! Throughout the Hajj pilgrim loses a significant amount of liquids through sweating and perspiration. The hot climate and intense physical activities increase your need for water. That’s why it is very important for you to maintain your adequate water level to avoid the risk of dehydration. Keep a water bottle with yourself and drink plenty of fluids to compensate the fluid lost.

2.Eat In Moderation:

Food poisoning is one of the common health issues that pilgrims often faced. Make better food choices and eat in moderation. Don’t overburden your stomach because it can cause indigestion and gases. Choose whole grain bread and oats, raw and steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, skinless chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products, raw nuts and olive oil. Before going for Hajj, it is best to visit a nutritionist to get a customized diet plan.

3.Keep Your Hands Clean:

Hands are the best source of transmission for virus and bacteria. Keep your hands clean. Avoid direct contact with others. Also, wash your hands well before and after preparing food and before and eating food. Keep tissues in your hand and be sure to throw away used tissues.

4. Use Umbrella:

You also have to protect yourself against heat exhaustion and sunstrokes. It is not possible to completely avoid exposure to the sun but you can try to avoid it for too long. Also, use a light colored umbrella when necessary.

5.Bring Your Medications With You:

Don’t forget to take your dosage on time. It is very important and you have to be very responsible for it. Especially, if you have any medical condition that requires lifelong medication such as diabetes.
To freshen up your body, it is crucial to get enough sleep and rest. You are due to perform a physically demanding journey, so get sufficient and quality sleep at the right times. Yes, you are going to perform Hajj and you have to be more focused towards this religious obligation. But you can only make it possible when you protect your mental and physical health.

Remember the entire Muslim Ummah in your dua`as, May Allah accept your Hajj!

Few Most Popular General Physicians:

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