Train your Children to Avoid Obesity for Lifetime

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We think it’s normal to bargain an episode of a tantrum with a candy or two. We want our children to eat every meal no matter they feel hungry or not. Parents also want them to eat all on their plate even if they already had enough. We would offer them chocolates when they are feeling bad.

Do you know what message children translate this all into?


They build a mindset that food is a solution to feeling bad, food is to be eaten whether you are hungry or not. And that you should eat whatever you have even if you don’t want to eat it actually.

All this ends up them as individuals who eat for comfort, who overeat and who eat even when they are not hungry. This defective thought pattern paves the path to obesity for them in their childhood and in adult years as well.

Two major ways you can help your children to avoid obesity are:

1-    Diet
2-    Physical activity


•    Make sure your kids develop a taste of eating vegetables, salad, and food cooked in a healthy style. Stop feeding them burgers, and pizzas from an early age. Help them carve good eating habits. They will be thankful to you for their entire lives.
•    For the first three years of age, a kid needs fats as his brain is developing but this avoids over usage of fat in his diet. Going for healthy fats is another option.
•    Try to keep your kids away from artificial sugars for as long as you can. Introduce honey and dates soon and delay exposure t candies, chocolates, and other sugar-laden products. Besides obesity these also cause many dental problems like cavities. To find and consult the best dentist in Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan.

Physical Activity:

•    Training your children to do their small part of chores from early years go a long way. Do not habituate to them that they can create a mess and go away. Always ask them to put their shoes, clothes, books, and toys at the assigned place.
If you find any eating disorders in your child do not neglect and get these properly treated at earliest. You can take help of the best child specialist in Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan.
•    Keep strict limit for screen time. Do not allow them to sit and eat in front of a television. Encourage outdoor games and physically demanding sports. Enroll them in school gymnastics and take time out to play and run with them in the park.
Your children’s physical and emotional upbringing is your responsibility. Prepare well and stay strong to make them healthy, smart and active individuals.

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