Treating Anxiety Disorders: Dimaghi Dramay

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If you ever come across a person who wants a psychiatrist for his/her psychological problems, a natural tag of ‘tum pagal ho kia’ will be plastered on your brain for the innocent friend! Not just you, but for most of us; super judgmental, right? But isn’t that the dilemma of our society? Mental illnesses are a taboo and most of us fail to realize the impact they might have on our lives. We need to understand that our brain is just an organ like all the other organs in our human body.

Human Brain: Internal Traffic Sergeant

While the spirit has gained the status of an abstract idea among the learned, the layman is still confused regarding the notion. It is still a strong belief among most people, especially in the third world, that we have spirits that guide our decisions and the brain is seen as something which is merely there to fill the vacuum of psychological space in our heads.

The metaphysical aspects aside, the brain is an organ in our heads that controls all our actions, whether tangible or intangible, through complex chemical reactions and electrical signals, period. Sometimes the brain comes under uncontrollable pressure and its system collapses, just like other organs, and it needs to get psychological treatment for the anxiety disorder that it projects.

If you have lived in Lahore and have made the mistake of going to the Shahalami market on your car you can understand the collapse of an overburdened system. The roads aren’t wide enough and just a few extra cars hinder the traffic flow to a standstill but that doesn’t mean that the market collapses.

Crowded Traffic of Ideas leading to anxiety disorders

It’s totally similar to human brains. Sometimes we get to deal with situations which shock us out of our minds. The brain doesn’t shut down, just takes a breather, so we don’t die.

Jhaaru wala Aamil Baba Or Psychologistfor Anxiety Disorders?

Our brains react to this with chemical and electrical imbalances and we start becoming anxious or reflect depression symptoms. So the mystery has been solved with the impending smacking from some conventional parents; it is not some jinn that takes over our spirits and makes us do crazy things. It is simply a disease of the brain, much like the diseases of other organs. And just like any other disease, it needs a doctor!

Amil Baba is not the right choice for anxiety disorders

Psychiatrists vs Psychologists:

Psychiatrists (treat with medicines) and Psychologists (treat with psychological and social therapy) are the professionals you need to go to, not some Aamil Baba who will wave his jhaaru like some phoenix feather wand over your head and presto pronto-make the non-existent jinn run away. The existence of Amil Baba round every corner in the city makes it almost difficult for people to rid themselves of the magic they hold over their head.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are the right choice for anxiety disorders

Deciding in this meshwork of local experts and conventional families who need psychological TREATMENT (medical and not magical) gets very tricky especially when so much shame and social stigma is attached to the need for psychological treatment. It is a problem not only pertaining to the underprivileged and uneducated living in slums or villages but to all classes of society without exclusion.

It is about time we came out of our cocoons of ‘log kia kahein geh’ and face the reality. If there is a disease, of absolutely any organ, we need to get treatment. If you are unsure of which psychologist or psychiatrist to go to, we can help you find the right anxiety or related disorder specialist! Download MARHAM app and find the best psychiatrist near your home and help us help you for a healthier Pakistan.

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