Tried And Tested Ways To Gain Weight Easily

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All our lives, since childhood, we are told that slim and smart and lean people are the epitome of beauty. This has always put bulky and people with comparatively ‘ more ’ weight in a doubt. Eventually, many people were complexed and doubtful about themselves and consequently, weight loss became a very serious issue for them.

Focusing on weight change, whether it is weight loss or weight gain, it isn’t easy. Over the span of years, our body develops a “set point” of weight and it can be very difficult to change. Whether being overweight is your problem or being underweight due to speedy metabolism, or you want to build muscle weight, strategies for healthy weight gain are mostly the same.

Why Are You Underweight?

Being underweight does not always mean that a person is unhealthy, weak or internally weak. Many people that are underweight are sometimes physically healthy as well.

Low body weight has several reasons behind it. The reasons include:

  • It Is In Your Genes

People who are usually thin since their school years, it might run in their family. There is a chance that they are born with a comparatively higher and faster metabolism. Moreover, they might naturally have a small appetite.

  • You Have A High Physical Activity

If you’re an athlete, the frequent workouts that you have to do everyday can affect your body weight. High physical activity also can be a part of a job or an energetic personality and it burns more calories than usual. If a person is on their feet a lot, they might burn more calories than people who are quite inactive.

  • Serious Illness

A person who fell extremely ill, gets their appetite affected. Being sick and eating a lot of medicines can affect ones appetite and the body’s ability to use and store food. If a person has recently lost a lot of weight without trying, it may be a sign of diseases, such as thyroid problems, diabetes, digestive diseases, or even cancer.
Talk to a specialist doctor about sudden weight loss now.

  • Reactions From Medicines

Various prescribed medicines can cause nausea and weight loss. Moreover, treatments, such as chemotherapy, can reduce appetite and worsen weight loss from illness.

  • Psychological Issues

Our mental wellbeing seriously affects every part of our lives. Issues such as stress and depression can disrupt healthy eating habits. Also, doubt and complexes about body image can lead to eating disorders too. If you’re suffering from conditions that are damaging your emotions, talk to your doctor.

Easy Tips To Gain Weight

1. Try To Increase Your Calories

Athletes who are deciding to gain muscle weight should increase their calorie intake strategically. It is recommended that they eat plenty of high-calorie foods, such as protein-rich meats, healthy fats and also, whole grains. Eat whatever you feel like, such as cake, cookies, milkshakes as they all are a fair game. The goal is only to consume more calories.

2. Eat After Short Intervals

Planning to eat more often and frequently will help a person to consume more calories. It is said that if a person feels full easily, consider eating 5 to 7 meals each day instead of the 3 meals.

3. Try To Increase Liquid Intake

Nutrient-rich shakes can be a great option to fill yourself up. These drinks which are high in calories have more nutrients but less filling. The stomach doesn’t sense calories, it senses volume.

4. Eat As Much Fats As You Can

If you are underweight but healthy, fill up on healthy fats, such as nuts and nut butter, avocados and fatty fish like salmon.

5. Keep Exercising Regularly

Whether you are opting for weight loss or weight gain, exercising is very important for overall health and well-being. Working out can also help you gain weight.

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