5 Truth About Wisdom Tooth You Should Know

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Many people think wisdom teeth are the problematic teeth, as they only know about the pain associated with the emergence of these teeth. But not everyone gets wisdom teeth. And the majority of the people having wisdom teeth need their extraction due to the problems caused by these teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, present one molar per quadrant in the human dentition which usually comes in the age between 17 years to 25 years. But sometimes it delays its eruption and becomes troublesome. As the name indicates, these molars appear in the age when a person becomes “wise”.

Does Everyone Have Wisdom Tooth?

No, it is not necessary that every human has all the four molars. Many people don’t have wisdom tooth throughout their life. Rather some people have them beneath their gums and they never erupt. Some people have one or two and some don’t have any at all. This is totally normal unless any problematic situation occurs. You can consult with the best dentist in Karachi.

Is It Necessary To Remove the Wisdom Tooth?

It is not necessary to remove wisdom tooth unless they are causing issues like when they are impacted or overcrowding in the mouth. According to the researches, 85% of people must have their wisdom teeth extracted eventually, mainly due to pain and crowding issues in the mouth.

However, once the wisdom teeth are removed and recovery is a success, the mouth is once again functional and back to normal just as it was before the wisdom teeth developed.

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Is It Causing Impaction If Not Removed?

It is necessary to remove the wisdom tooth when it is causing the problems. Otherwise, third molars can cause several issues in the mouth including problems with spacing, pain, trouble eating and speaking, gum tissue infections, swelling in the mouth, and more.

Can We Predict The Time and Way of Eruption?

No, the dentists cannot predict how the wisdom tooth will erupt and in what position it will be. But regular checkups can reduce the chances of any further problems related to the wisdom tooth.

Are Wisdom Teeth Necessary To Eat and Speak Properly?

Many people think wisdom teeth are important for eating and chewing meat and other tough foods. But this is not proven. Third molars are not important for eating and speaking rather they cause usually problems in our mouth due to their wrong position or less space in our mouth.

So, wisdom teeth are not always problematic but usually, they create trouble for other teeth and gums due to less space for these molars. It is better to consult Best Dentist in Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan whenever you feel pain or any swelling.

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