Trying To Lose Weight In Ramadan? Try These 5 Tips

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Ramadan is here and the hardest part of this month is to lose weight. Not being a foodie even I find it difficult to turn away from the tempting recipes at iftar table. It makes me realise how difficult it can to for the foodies to resist eating them all. Deep down inside, I know it will never let me or anyone else lose weight. But we can still try?

Fasting itself is a detoxifying procedure for our body. Fasting for 10-16 hour helps your stomach to detoxify by not eating during the day. It increases our metabolism. With this training, you will be able to normalise your stomach activity to keep it healthy all along the year.

Do the same with your whole body parts. Losing weight in Ramadan is all about steadiness. That means not giving up the foods you desire and love, but instead, finding healthy alternatives for your go-to indulgences.

Add Protein To Your Diet

Protein should be a major part of your meal. Consume four to six ounces of protein at Sehri, Iftar and dinner.
The sources of protein can be:

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Fish

Not only fat gives food taste with its filling so it can help you eat less. Protein adds fuel to your muscle and helps the fats to burn.

Replace Fried Stuff With Healthy Meals

If you really planning to lose weight and are committed to yourself to stay fit this Ramadan, then make the diet plan first which includes proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. Replace the greasy Pakoras, Samosas and Parathas with a nutritious healthy meal at Sehri and Iftar. With adequate protein, high fibre foods, and healthy fats like olive oil, and nuts, you have the perfect combination to stay satisfied.

Make Eggs A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Another major part of your eating routine should be eggs. Add a two-egg omelette, stuffed with cheese in Sehri. They are one of the most effective nutritive sources of metabolism-boosting with vitamin B. Add your favourite ingredients if you want to avoid the cheese.

Never Let Go Of Water

Hydration is the key to fitness. Without any direction, it’s obvious that after breaking fast all you need is water. But wait. Don’t be overloaded. Take about ten glass water with some interval of time. It will burn the fats, clear the waste products out from your kidney and clean up your stomach

WorkOut, Don’t Let Your Body Get Lazy

Taking Ramadan as an excuse and letting yourself put on weight is not a good option. It’s always advisable to use Ramadan as a period to maintain your fitness levels rather than drilling yourself into the ground.
Training throughout Ramadan is important to maintain your progress and even get fitter and leaner than you were before.
Putting your exercise regime on hold for a full month will set you back a long way with your goals.

A Word From Marham

Keep yourself healthy and fit during this blessed time of Ramadan and COVID-19 lockdown. It is a bonus time granted to us so we can take time out for our own selves. Avoid going out and opt for online consultations in case of any health issue.

Team Marham is trying to make this time easier for you, all you have to do is to keep yourself safe to pay us back!

Stay Home Stay Safe!

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